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Linda Briggs Cosmetic Surgery in Paris France
Cosmetic Surgery in Paris


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Breast surgery, Brazilian Butt Lift and much more in Paris, under l ocal anaesthetic

If you prefer to have surgery under local anaesthetic, save money and time, with an experienced breast surgeon in Paris, you need to read the information below.

This is the same service that is offered in Belgium and is now available in France.  Competitive prices and ease of travel by Eurostar and a short walk to the clinic.

Breast surgery in Paris France

The clinic is very nice and very well-known in Paris.  It has been fully renovated recently with all medical services available and radiology (even a Flash-TDM).

It is very well situated in the heart of Paris, in the "American-district" and some rooms have a wonderful view with balconies overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

Entrance to the cosmetic surgery clinic in Paris

The surgical team have international experience working in various countries and know how to deal with patients from different countries and cultures.

They all speak English and some also are multi lingual with French, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, and Italian, so communication should be very easy.

The surgeon has been using his unique technique for breast surgery more than 10 years and provides very good results with minimal post-op care (no complex dressings, no sutures to be removed) and close to zero-complications.

The necessary pre op testing can be carried out at the clinic on arrival.

Most procedures can be carried out as day case surgery, but if it becomes necessary for the patient to stay overnight, then it can be arranged.  There would be no additional charge.  Patient sa fety comes first.

The surgeons favor 'light' anesthesia for faster recovery.

No travel hassles from London
.  Eurostar is only 2h15 from London to Paris, which is much shorter than to Belgium.  Eurostar leaves Paris / London every 30 minutes in the morning and evening.

The patient may return home on the same day by train or plane.


Find out who the surgeon is

To find out who the surgeon is and request a CV, just click the button and send your email address to receive it immediately.  If you have any questions for the surgeon, put them in the enquiry box and you will receive a personal answer from his office, or just contact Linda Briggs

email Linda Briggs for more information or Telephone


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