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Cosmetic surgery in Paris France - Reviews


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RC, Female age 29 from Malta had Butt implants + Fat transfer in Paris - March 2017
Due to Linda Briggs not being able to offer that particular procedure in Malta, this patient was referred to a surgeon in Paris.

Last January I was interested in getting a surgery and the option was to go to France and have it done by Dr P.   In a couple of weeks, thanks to the immediate help and response via emails of his assistant, we set up a surgery for the first week of March.  The only thing I can say is that it was worth all the money.  The result is amazing and the way Dr Pt and his team deal with the patients is very professional.

I had only showed a couple of photos of the desired size (since I had a butt implant + fat transfer surgery) and he instantly knew what I wanted.

During the first week of recovery, which is the most crucial time, I was everyday contacted via whatsApp so as to update the surgeon on my recovery.  Apart from that, I had to visit his office 5 days after the surgery and once again I felt welcome thanks both to Dr P and his assistant.

Apart from being very professional, Dr P is also a very positive person when it comes to observing the patient which is recovering.  During the first few days I thought it would be very very difficult for me to be ok in the next couple of weeks, but he was always sure that I would safely get back to my country only 7 days after the surgery.

His choice of pain killers is also very professional and I have noticed that due to the fact that when I got back to my country I felt a lot more discomfort since I ran out of the medicine he had prescribed to me and had to change the brand since that medicine was not available in Malta.  Logically, I had to feel better in my country rather than in France!

Now, only two weeks after the surgery I am back to work on a 12 hour shift and walking without any problem.
I recommend anyone wanting to have surgery in France to work with Linda Briggs for a referral to Dr P, like I will also be doing once again in the future.


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