Linda Briggs Cosmetic Surgery in Belgium


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Cosmetic Surgery in Brugge, Belgium
Aesthetic Plastic surgery and Medical Lasers




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All breast augmentation, mini face lifts, liposuctions and eyelid surgery the price includes:-

  • transport from airport (Brussels – Ostend – Lille)
  • or railway station (Brugge)
  • to the hotel and to and from the clinic
  • ONE NIGHT STAY at the hotel (meals and drinks not included)


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Cosmetic Surgery

The Clinic,
is in the centre of Brugge and is equipped with the latest technology for cosmetic surgery and all aesthetic treatments.

The owner and surgeon, is very well known for his appearances on Belgium TV, on the VT4 channel in the "Beautiful" program for many years.

Dr Baronie Clinic, Brugge, Belgium

Specialists available
:  GMC Specialist registered surgeon.  Liposuction specialist.  Cosmetic dentist


Procedures available:  Aesthetic Facial surgery. including eyes, many types of face lifts, nose correction, chin reduction etc. Breast surgery, enlargements, reduction, lifting etc.  Lipo.   Tummy tucks.  Body contours, arm lifts & thigh lifts.  Varicose veins.  Laser treatments with Fraxel or Palmonar Starlux.  Designer Vagina and other gynaecology

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