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Testimonials and reviews Belgium 2008 - We no longer work with the surgeon who carried out the procedures below


From: Rachael T
Sent: 30 June 2008 16:03
To: Linda Briggs
Subject: Re:

Hi Linda,

Well i had my lipo done on the 18th June 2008 in Belgium.

Thank you so much for all of your advice and help in choosing the appropriate clinic.

I am nearly 2 weeks post op and am still very swollen but am starting to see a different shape emerging from all the oedema.  He removed 5 litre of fat from me so i think it is only right that i will be changing shape.

The clinic is beautiful and despite feeling anxious, and in essence terrified, all of my fears were allayed as soon as i walked in the door.  The staff where very considerate and the Dr was very re assuring and confident, which is what you want from a man who is about to operate on you.

I travelled back to the UK the following morning from Brussels airport and while at the airport asked the check in girl if i could have assistance on the plane as i had had an 'operation', (some are not sympathetic to cosmetic surgery).

As i had had my knees done they were very sore and i could not bend them properly. I was driven across the air field in a private mini bus and allowed on first with assistance.  So there was no feeling of being hurried as there was no one behind me.

This may be a piece of advice you offer out as it made a world of difference.

I am undergoing Lymph Drainage Massage which is recommended by the clinic and works wonders.  I would certainly advise having this done to others who are undergoing lipo as it helps break up any hard lumps you can feel under the skin.

If there is anyone who you would like to put in touch with me i would be more than happy to answer any questions as i know i what it is like pre op.

Again, many thanks for all the advice you gave me you were a tremendous help.

Kind regards
Rachael T

From: Denise C
Sent: 27 May 2008 18:14
To: Linda

Hi Linda

Well I took all your advice and conducted tons of research and now I can happily say that I am 3 weeks post op from having a Breast Lift and a full Tummy Tuck.

I had moved to Belgium in the April as hubby works there!!  So to find out previously that the clinic I had chosen was in Brussels was a big thumbs up.  Anyway had the op on the 6th May 08.  I arrived there at 0700 hrs and was immediately put at ease considering that I was no doubt a major pain emailing and phoning them with all kinds of questions prior.   Before the surgery I was asked to go into a changing/examination room and undress and I was given a white fluffy dressing gown with matching slippers. I met with Dr P. and he was truly professional, genuine and kind. He had to measure me so that the breast lift would be perfect and symmetrical etc, the tummy tuck just right and that the belly button where it is supposed to be.  I had to leave the comfy zone and give up my dressing gown for this and I was very nervous as the only other man to have seen me naked was my hubby, but Dr P. was brilliant and put me at ease.  He measured, drew lines, moved me around in all directions and took pictures of my breasts and tummy.
I was taken into the operating room and there was a nurse who I later found out had had the same op as me, I started to cry as I was very nervous but she was very very kind.  She held my hand whilst I was being given the anaesthetic and then when I woke I was indeed covered with heated blankets and looking out at bunny rabbits playing in the garden.  I also had a drip in my arm as I had been in surgery for a good 6 hours.  I had two drains in the pubic region and one on either side of my breasts.  I was sore and was immediately given pain killers via the drip.  After a couple more hours I was ready to go home, they applied the corset to my now wonderful flat tummy and went home.  They gave me all information about how to look after myself and what not to do, they gave me painkillers (Tramadol) and the emergency contact numbers. 

I had the drains moved on the Friday; 3 days after the op and again I was told of the do's and dont's.

I had to go back to the clinic during the week as my tummy had fluid in it, I phoned the clinic and they saw me straight away and Dr P. drained the excess fluid, (which was totally my fault as I started doing housework etc as soon as the drains were removed!).  That is a big no no, no matter how great you feel on the inside, please understand that this is major surgery and requires at least one week bed rest with only getting up for the loo and only walking for about 5 mins at a time.  I have had to go back a few times to have this fluid removed, but that is no problem, I have seen Dr P. everytime and he has been very patient with me; I ask a lot of questions you see. 

They removed my stitches after 14 days and gave me some spare dressings, I am due to go back in a weeks time to see the Dr, just to have a check up.

All in all I am over the moon with the results, all that nervousness when being measured was worth it.  I have a brilliant flat tummy, and great pert breasts.  Dr P. and his team are fantastic and they aim for perfection all the time, they are professional, speak excellent English and no problem or question is too much trouble for them.  I highly recommend the clinic to anyone thinking of having plastic surgery.

If anyone wants to ask me any questions I am more than happy to answer.  Please ask Linda for my email address


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