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The Tatler Cosmetic surgery guide 2012

Consultations in Harley Street, London

The Surgeon is GMC registered on the Specialist register  
Maxillo-Facial, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon  Cosmetic surgery in

London :: Malta :: Paris :: Tunisia

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The surgeon is registered in France and it is not permitted under French Law to have his details on a web site.   You can get his full CV by using the button below.

Click here to request the surgeons CV and info on how to book a consultation.

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The surgeon's skills cover all areas of plastic and cosmetic surgery, but his particular expertise is all breast surgery, tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lift as well as lipoplasty. He works in London, Malta, Paris and Tunisia.  All countries vary in price.

French surgeons are the most highly regulated surgeons in the world.

Maxillo-Facial,Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon
who operates in London, Malta Paris and Tunisia.  For CV, please use the button above.  GMC Specialist Register with consultations in London

Telephone Linda Briggs +44 (0)1354 610368   or Email to book a consultation

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