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From: karen  [mailto:karen @hotmail .com]
Sent: 04 December 2016 11:00
To: Linda Briggs
Subject: Re: Review

Hi Linda

Reveiw for Upper Blepharoplasty & 4D Fontana Laser & Botox & Fillers in Lithuania

I never usually bother to write reviews but I really felt that I wanted to, as the level of service I received at in Lithuania was absolutely brilliant.  I didn’t arrive into Lithuania until 9pm at night, but nevertheless they were waiting for me at the airport to take me to my hotel.  They checked me in and even carried my bags up to my room.

The next morning they rang me to see if I was ok and then an hour later they picked me up from my hotel to take me to my consultation for Upper Blepharoplasty eyelid surgery.  The hospital was very modern and incredibly clean.  All the staff, the nurses, the receptionists etc were all very welcoming, incredibly polite and spoke perfect English.

My Surgeon - Dr K was a really lovely man, very professional, and he explained everything to me clearly and precisely, and answered all my questions, which really took away my fears that I had.  He is an extremely experienced surgeon at the height of his career and has performed 1000's upon 1000's of operations. I really felt safe in his hands.

As I had a little bit of time before my next consultation they took me on a little tour of the city, which is a really pretty and picturesque city , and very safe.  The Lithuanian people are lovely and very hospitable.

My next consultation was for 4D Laser on my face for rejuvenation.  The consultation was good so I went ahead with the procedure.  Personally I didn’t find the procedure uncomfortable at all, and at some points I found it quite relaxing.  Just when they did my upper lip, which is really sensitive, I felt a bit of discomfort but it was over in seconds.

After the procedure they drove me back to my hotel, making sure that I was feeling ok.

As I felt so confident with them, the next day, at the last minute, I decided that I wanted to look into having other procedures done.  They rang me in the morning again to see if I was ok, so I asked them if I could go and see the dentist and the dermatologist.  Even though they were both really busy they both found time to squeeze me in for consultations.

I had my Upper Bleph eyelid surgery done in the afternoon and it was the most simplest and painless procedure ever.  Literally the only thing you feel is when the surgeon injects the local anaesthetic.  I didn’t even have to take any of the painkillers or sleeping tablets that they gave me.  They dropped me back to my hotel and after a couple of hours I popped along to the large shopping centre that’s 5 minutes walk, as I felt so fine!

The following day they rang me again to see if I was ok and I decided that I wanted some Botox and Fillers, as they were so much cheaper than having them done in the UK.  Its well worth the visit to Lithuania just to have a top up of them (and you can check out the hospital too).

I can't begin to tell you how fabulous they were the whole way through and how incredibly well they took care of me.  You certainly wouldn’t get that service in the UK!  It was a Gold Star Service.

Back in the UK and I just had my stitches taken out by my GP.  She didn’t know that I had gone abroad for the surgery and she mentioned 3 times what an incredibly neat job the surgeon had done, she was very impressed and so was I!!

I will definitely be going back for more procedures in the future.

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