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Pakistan, Lahore
Cosmetic surgery and other general surgery


Surgery with Linda Briggs | Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan

Pakistan, Lahore
Cosmetic surgery and other general surgery :
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LAHORE: Facelifts, body sculpting and fat transplants are fashionable among Lahore’s rich as well as not-so-rich and cosmetic surgery is the new trend in town.

Thousands of people, of all ages, have been treated in Pakistan, including a large number of celebrities.

One doctor said several untrained people had begun cosmetic surgery following the trend and were bringing a bad name to qualified doctors. He said several beauticians were also practicing cosmetic surgery and using laser, although they were not qualified.
Taken from the Lahore Daily Times


A modern and clean clinic with GMC registered surgeon for cosmetic surgery based in the medical area of Lahore, Pakistan

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Surgery with Linda Briggs | Outside view of one of the hospitals in Lahore


Surgery with Linda Briggs | Clinic in Lahore

GMC Specialist registered surgeon in Lahore Pakistan.
He works in both the UK and Lahore on a regular basis and can hold consultations in London

Find out who the surgeon is and make arrangements for your cosmetic surgery in Lahore, Pakistan at a fraction of the cost of UK surgery.


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