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On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 1:27 PM, Jan H wrote:

Hi Carilyn, now safely at hotel again. I rate both surgeon and the hospital very highly.  Lovely accommodation, spotlessly clean and very caring staff, they always came as just as soon as I pushed the buzzer!   Have been in English hospitals...... 

The interpreter was lovely, really tried hard to help and made it very easy.  I hadn't expected her and it really helped.  Food not really to my taste but plenty and well presented, not much appetite anyway.  All in all a good choice.  Would have preferred op to have been on the Tues as planned but understand the reasons.  Have to wait for body to recover before I will give final marking; sore now as expected. Regards Jan

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On Dec 20, 2015, at 18:24, Karin N wrote:

Hi Carilyn.  It went well so far.  I was very hesitant to come as you know.  I was afraid of making an irreversible mistake.  But the Dr listened to all my concerns, marked the areas and did exactly what we discussed.  I'm still in the hospital.

I'll see if I can change my ticket to leave on Wednesday early morning instead of Tuesday early morning because I need a day at the mall!

Thanks. Karin 

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