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Cosmetic Surgery in Brugge, Belgium
Aesthetic Plastic surgery and Medical Lasers


Clinic Beaucare - Cosmetic surgery
Brussels, Belgium

Dr Luc Vrambout
Medical Director of the Clinic Beaucare

Dr Plovier Dr in Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic
Surgery. GMC Registered.

Dr. Berbinschi specialist in liposuction for over 7 years

Dr. Carine Wijnen Wrinkle reduction with Botox & other non surgical options.




The front of the clinic.

Hidden from the road by mature trees.
Behind big iron gates, down the drive
to reach this old building that was
once the gatehouse to a castle.

Clinic Beaucare is just outside Brussels at Vilvoorde and is a 2 minute taxi ride from its station.  They specialise in Cosmetic Surgery and their specialities are Breast Enlargements, Liposuction, Facelifts and Tummy Tucks, but most surgical procedures are carried out.  Contact the clinic direct, by using the button on the right.

I met all the medical staff who offer a very good service to the patient. They want to do the best for each patient because as they say

"the patient only has this done once; we do this all the time and it's our duty to get it right"

What more can we ask for?  For more details on their qualifications etc. and how to book a consultation, use the button on the right.

Belgian Law states that all cosmetic surgery must be carried out as day case surgery. Therefore most surgery is done under a local anaesthetic but some procedures will require a general anaesthetic.

If your personal circumstances mean you can't spend much time away from the UK, it is possible to return home very quickly after a procedure, but there are some conditions attach to this.  It is
recommended to only fly 24 hours after the surgery, so a trip to this clinic is best made by using the Eurostar train.  The public train system is extremely efficient and easy to navigate, something UK residents might have a problem comprehending!

For travel information see the link on the bottom right.  Taxis are cheap and most people will understand English but French and Dutch are also widely understood.  Brussels is a very safe environment for women travelling alone.

Some hotels are suggested and these are all well priced, clean and hospitable.

Nearest Hotel is 
Campanile - next to the railway station of Vilvoorde   E-mail


Consultations are held in Harley Street, London and Manchester, for details on how to book an appointment, click on the button below.

Click here to contact the clinic direct and receive more information on having
surgery in Brussels and to receive other patient's experiences

The view from
the recovery room.

The garden, complete
with rabbits playing and pheasants
strolling about.

NB.   The NHS are becoming increasingly reluctant to remove stitches from patients who have had private surgery, especially overseas.
Although we are part of Europe and EU GP's will remove stitches for patients, don't automatically expect a UK GP to do this.

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