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Forums are now old hat, so we have entered the world of social networking - This is the page you can find out about Linda Briggs Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, dentistry and much more.  Please join me on Facebook or visit our Blog

Linda Briggs has been established over 20 years, giving free advice and information.  Locating surgery to suit your budget.



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Quote from an email
"P.S. I have read through your forum a couple of times and I think it is brilliant to hear from people who have actually done it (surgery) it really helps to pluck up the courage myself after reading this. Your web site is brill and a lot of people think highly of you, and after my experience with you so far I am really grateful there is someone out there to help the little people like me with no knowledge whatsoever.

Thank you"

Would you like to publish your own cosmetic surgery story?
If you organised your cosmetic surgery through Linda Briggs, these are the options to publish your own story:-

  • Our team of journalists can talk to you and see if your cosmetic surgery story has enough interest to be able to sell it to a magazine or newspaper.
  • If you don't want that much publicity, then we have a new web site just for patients to write and publish their own stories,  With our without pictures

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