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January 18th 2006 ::  Rachel and Nikki organise their surgery


Rachel is a client of Linda Briggs and permission was given by the publishers to reproduce the article on Linda Briggs web site

Page 40 & 41 of the Sun dated 18th January 2006


With celebrities such as Sharon Osbourne and Anne Robinson wiping years off their looks with plastic surgery, it's no surprise many of us want to follow suit.

According to the
British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the number of ops rose by more than a third last year.   number of boob jobs rose 51 per cent, while facelifts went up by 42 per cent.

Consultant plastic surgeon Adrian Richards says: "When celebrities have good plastic surgery that makes them look better, people come in and say 'Please do the same for me'

"Recently the J-Lo-type fuller figure was very popular and bottom implants were fashionable as a result."

Kelly Strange speaks to three women who were so inspired by celebrity plastic surgery that they asked for similar face, boobs and nose jobs.

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