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January 18th 2006 :: Nikki's surgery in Croatia


Nikki is a client of Linda Briggs and permission was given by the publishers to reproduce the article on Linda Briggs web site

Nikki's new Zeta Jones nose

Surgeon gave me neater zeta nose I chose from mag

Nikki already had her heart set on a nose job when inspiration leapt from the pages of a magazine in the form of Welsh beauty Catherine Zeta Jones.

Travel administrator Nikki had the  nose of a Hollywood star - unfortunately like that of crooner Barbara Streisand.

Nikki, 20, hated the way it seemed bent in the middle and desperately waned the Zeta Jones elegance.  Her old look undermined her confidence and she hated having her picture taken.

But now after a nose job.  Nikki loves her new appearance.

The final spur to change came when her partner Chris Coombes, 25, proposed and the first thing Nikki thought of was ho her nose would look in the wedding pictures.

She says: "I knew if there was ever a right time to have surgery, that was it."

It wasn't unusual for Nikki to pore over glossy magazines examining the noses of the rich and famous and she already knew exactly what she wanted.

She says: "Catherine Zeta Jones has a smooth but feminine nose and I wanted mine to look like that."

But in the UK it was going to cost 4,000, far more than she expected .  So she looked abroad and eventually settled on a specialist in Croatia.

She sent the surgeon pictures of her nose and described the Zeta Jones look she craved.  He quoted 1,500.

Last October Nikki travelled to Croatia with her mum and Chris.  The op took about an hour then Nikki spent about four more hours at the clinic before going back to a hotel.

She says "I was groggy and uncomforty because I could only breath through my mouth.  I couldn't see my nose because of the cast and I just prayed that it was now looking OK."

Six days after the op, the cast was removed and Nikki saw her new nose.

It was almost straight but not perfect enough to look unnatural.

She says: "I got off lightly with bruising and swelling,  It 's a good improvement and people have noticed the difference.  I'm more confident and even enjoy having my photo taken now.

"we haven't set a date for the wedding yet but, when we do, I wont d read the pictures.

"I don't know whether I look like Catherine Zeta Jones or not but her nose definitely inspired me and I'm delighted with the results.

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