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January 18th 2006 :: Rachael's surgery in Tunisia


Rachel is a client of Linda Briggs and permission was given by the publishers to reproduce the article on Linda Briggs web site

Rachael Palmer's story.  Linda Briggs arranged for the corrections to her surgery in Prague

Stunning blonde Rachel is frequently compared to glamour model Jordan after having her bust increased to a whopping 32FF.

The 27 year old mum of 2 had dreamed of having a boob job like Jordan's since her pregnancies left her bust withered and deflated.

Rachel's boobs had ballooned from their usual 34C to a massive 38FF while expecting Jacob, 9 and Amber, 4.

But after giving birth they schrivvled down to nothing, leaving her self conscious and ashamed.

Then shortly after having Amber, Rachel's marriage broke down and she knew she would never feel confident again without having surgery.

She says "my body was in a bit of a state. I still had my pregnancy we ight and my boobs were destroyed.  I started dieting and managed to l oose 3 stone but my boobs just looked even worse.  I wanted to wear s exy, strappy tops but they looked awful.

"I wore Wonder bras but the skin would just hang in the bottom of the cups."

Rachel, a holistic therapist from Grimsby, knew it was time for desperate measures and arranged a bank loan.

After looking at different options, she decided to have surgery in Prague in the Czech Republic.

In November, 2004, she met the surgeon and told him to do whatever it took to boost her boobs.

They decided on FF implants at a cost of 2,460, which included flights and accommodation.  After 5 hours on the operating table, Rachel came out sore and swollen but excited she said;  "I could see my chest was fuller but I had to wait 5 days before the bandages came off."

When at last she saw her boobs, Rachel was thrilled.  

She says; " they were huge and very Jordan-esque just as I had requested."

After wearing her support bra for 3 months, Rachel was desperate to show off her new figure on a night out with the girls.

She pulled on one of her new cleavage revealing tops and hit the town.  She says "so many people told me I looked like Jordan.   I took it as a fantastic complement."

But Rachel's transformation wasn't quite complete.  Her boobs looked great but her flabby tummy and chunky thighs weren't exactly of glamour girl proportions.

So this summer she took out another loan and flew to Tunisia in August for a tummy tuck and liposuction.

She also has regular lip plumping injections.  

She says; "I'm delighted.  Like Jordan, I'm a mum of 2 but that doesn't mean we cant look good and feel great about ourselves."

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