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29 June 2006
Kath's tummy tuck and arm lift in Tunisia


Pulling on my knickers and bra.  I turned away from the mirror, disgusted.
It's not fair, 'I moaned, looking at the folds of skin swinging like bat wings from my arms.
I hated the fat round my middle, too.
Even though I was nearing 60 and divorced,  I still felt li ke a teenager.

I worked hard to stay slim, and didn't look bad in my size 12 jeans and top.
But as soon as I took my kit off, it was a different story.  Everything he aded south!

My stomach crumpled like an empty shopping bag.  Not hing helped.  Not diet, not exercise, not even those daft flab jabs I'd had to get rid of my fat.

There was only one thing for it.   I'd have to go under the knife.  But was I really brave enough to do it?

When my kids, Deborah 37. and Martin, 34, were young, I wouldn't have dreamt of spending money on myself.  But they were all grown up now.   So there was no-one to worry about but myself.

When I saw an ad for
cosmetic surgery in Tunisia, I decided to phone up and find out some more.

'I can cut away the skin on your arms, and give you a tummy tuck and thigh lift at the same time; the consultant told me.

And all for just 5,000 - half of what it'd cost in the UK!
I was thrilled.
In January this year, I flew out for the operation.

Deborah and Martin were behind me all the way.  'Do whatever makes you happy,' they said.

As soon as I came round, I could see straightaway that my belly looked flatter and the loose skin on my arms had disappeared.
It'd been worth it.  I flew back home a week later.  And three weeks on, the bruises had faded.

Time to shop!
I raided Matalan and George at Asda tor sexy matching bra-and-knicker sets in size 8-10.
I was like a new woman.
And I had loads more confidence too.

The girls in the banking hall where I work couldn't believe the difference it made.

Now all I need is a man.  It'd be great if he's good-looking, but its more important that he has a sense of humour.
It'd be a bonus, too, if he had a great body and loads of dosh.  But th at's just being greedy!

Before, I'd never pose in my pants and bra.  Now I don't care. I may be turning 60 at the end of the year, but who says I can't be sexy?

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