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Linda Briggs

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Linda Briggs Cosmetic Surgery & Dentistry
Scrapbook - Reviews and Press cuttings 2001 - 2003


 Limited Edition
September 2003.  About injectable treatments

Womens Own summer special on plastic surgery 2003
Linda Briggs offering advice to patients

  Womens Own Summer Special 2003

Candis front cover July 2003


July 2003
Linda putting her argument for not growing old gracefully.


Linda Briggs talking in Zest about Cosmetic Surgery Abroad
July 2003

 Zest magazine July 2003

New Women Magazine July 2003

 New Woman
Sun, Sea & Surgery.  July 2003

Nip & Tuck Tourism


Extract from
The Manchester News

25th June 2002


cover of Women's own


Woman's Own
December 2 2002.  Linda's Dermabrasion and Mike's eye job in Croatia


Woman Magazine
May 6 2002.  Linda's husband Mike talking about cosmetic surgery.


Cover of Women


BBC Radio
various regions
Talking about the rise in overseas cosmetic surgery


26 & 27 June 2002


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