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Patients reviews and press cuttings for 2006



CNN news item



CNN News item.   Joanna's new boobs.  6th December 2006


In The Know.   22 August 2006.  Linda quoted in Operation Hotspots


Front cover of In The Know 22 August 2006

3 August 2006.  Sarah's story of her new boobs from Tunis


Women's Own
7 August 2006.  "The UKs leading independent cosmetic surgery adviser says"


Women's Own 7th August 2006


The Sun, read stories about patients Linda Briggs helped


The Sun.
18 July 2006.  Read why Mary went to
South Africa


Chat - 29 June 2006.  Read Kath's story of surgery in Tunis


Chat Magazine 29th June 2006



Sun Women
inside the Sun.  2 May 2006



Click here
to read the story on line.  2 sisters that Linda helped with surgery in


That's Life Summer Special
May/June 2006.  Glynn & Paul went for face lifts together to


That's Life! Summer Special 2006



Sky News
22 April 2006



Talking about the things that should be considered, when going overseas for surgery


The Sun
18 January 2006.   2 more of Linda's satisfied clients
Rachael Palmer's surgery  in Tunis   Nikki in Croatia


Front cover of the Sun dated 18th January 2006.


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