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Patients reviews and press cuttings for 2009


See Linda's article.  September/October 2009


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Cosmetic Surgery magazine


Linda's tips on choosing a surgeon.  November/December 2009

Kimberly, a Britney look a like talks about her lipo in Tunisia
15 June 2009

  Read about Britany Spears lipo

Daily Mail story about Janet's cosmetic surgery

  April 16th 2009.  Janet's cosmetic surgery to look like her daughter

March 2009
Janet having surgery to look like her daughter


The latest story of Janet going to Croatia

See the BBC video here of Janet and her daughter


See a BBC video about Janet

  March 2009.  Sharons breast reduction in Tunisia

March 2nd 2009.  Jeanette's face lift in Cyprus


  February 2nd 2009.  Kyra's face lift in Hungary

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