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Scrapbook - Press cuttings and reviews  2007 - 2008


We have been around for a long time, so make no apologies for the amount of stories written about our patients.  Hope you enjoy them.


Closer Magazine.  Three patients stories.  Croatia, Barcalona and Tunisia.  October 2008


surgery abroad and other procedures

Linda's Lasik in Tunisia
and other stories about general surgery abroad 8th September 2008

Best Magazine,
2nd September 2008

Jackie's breast uplift
in London and lots of advice from Best about surgery 2nd September 2008

23rd July 2008.  Mandy and her mum had tummy tucks

Mandy and her mum had tummy tucks in Tunisia 23rd July 2008
Another story about Mandy and her mum

Addicted to boob jobs

In Croatia

21st July 2008

June 23rd 2008, The Sun.  All about Lis'as birthday present boob job in Tunisia

23rd June 2008 Read about Lisa's birthday present, boobs and lipo in Tunisia And Lisa's personal diary
of a boob job and lipo in Tunisia

Full House Magazine, Lisa's birthday boob job in Tunisia

Read about Lisa's birthday present. A boob job in Tunisia
29th May 200

An Irish Herald feature on Medical Tourism

An Irish Herald Supplement
about Medical Tourism.  Linda Briggs interviewed
May 2008

Fabulous Magazine
April 2008

More about Rachel Palmer's surgery

Click here to read the full story

Sheila & Gill went to Tunisia
for gastric bands
Click here to read their story

July 2007
Samba, Sun & Surgery

By Bloomburgh News

Peterborough Evening

10 April 2007 A feature about Linda Briggs and the Beauty & Body show in Peterborough

Daily Mail
2nd April 2007 The final nose job in Zagreb, Croatia

Malta Times, Pink Magazine, June 2007

The Malta Times Pink Magazine
June 2007. Read what Linda was doing in Malta

That's Life Magazine May/June 2007, Jenny's tummy tuck in Tunisia

Jenny went to Tunisia for a tummy tuck May/June 2007

Sunday Mirror 21st January 2007, read about two patients Linda Briggs helped to have

Sunday Mirror
21 January 2007 Two patient's Linda Briggs helped in a big feature on cosmetic surgery


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