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Who is Linda Briggs and what does she do?

Linda was started in 1999 by Linda Briggs, after she realised she had just had a close shave with a UK surgeon. Although Linda Briggs face lift was fine, she was shocked to hear that the same surgeon had numerous complaints against him and was suspended by the GMC.

Linda Briggs after surgery in 1999

Linda Briggs 1999

Women's Journal

Linda Briggs will never know, if it was because she was writing a story for a women's magazine that saved her.
See Linda Briggs story here

Your site, as I said, is the best by far - and thank you for opening my eyes and my mind to all those opportunities out there!  

As she had the income to build a web site, giving free information for patients, she set about doing so, to save others falling into similar potential traps.  At the time the web site was started, there was very little information available and cosmetic surgery was being sold the same as double glazing by sales staff on commission.  There were a lot of patients being given the hard sell for surgery they didn't need.

Daily Mirror, November 17th 2000

As the web site grew, Linda Briggs received more and more enquiries from patients who wanted surgery, but wanted to get it right and didn't know how to begin. She gave up her full time employment in the law and set up her
on line shop to provide an income to support her passion.

This career change, with just 15 years left before retirement, was a bit of a shot in the dark and could have cost Linda Briggs her life savings and no money to retire on, but she felt very passionate and went for it anyway.  See what the Daily Mirror say about her web site

Linda's passion led her to invite a large number of cosmetic surgeons in the UK, to work with her and provide more information for patients.  She was only contacted by one surgeon.  From this one surgeon and many hours of work adding researched data to the web site, other surgeons from overseas started to contact Linda and wanted to work with her.  Over the years, more and more UK and overseas surgeons have become part of the Linda Briggs network and they give information and advice freely to ensure that patients are not pressurised and go into surgery with their eyes open.

Trading Standards are very happy that Linda Briggs is totally independent and as far as is known, is probably the only truly independent service offering advice on cosmetic surgeons.  Linda Briggs is and has never been, allied to any one surgeon clinic or hospital

Linda and Mike Briggs travel around the world looking at the facilities available and speaking to surgeons and their patients to get a feel for their work.  Not all surgeons are accepted by Linda Briggs as the criteria set is very high.  Not only must they have the education, training and qualifications and memberships expected of a surgeon, but they must also be approachable and be able to deal with minor problems efficiently.  As cosmetic surgery is not an exact science, there are occasional adjustments that need to be made.

Linda's information service to members of the public, is totally free.  For services that require third party involvement, such as flight bookings, there is a minimal charge to cover administration.

Linda Briggs Ltd can offer you as much or as little help as you need to source your surgery.  Some consultations can be booked, flights from the UK can be booked, hotels reserved.  Linda Briggs Ltd have a lot of contacts in all parts of the world and can make your trip for surgery relatively stress free.  If you prefer to make your own contact with the surgeons on the web sites, please use the get info now buttons available.

Linda Briggs personally answers all her email enquiries , but due to the large numbers received daily, please be patient if you do not receive a reply the same day. Please see other ways to
contact Linda.

The name Linda Briggs is now a registered trademark and any infringement of that trademark could lead to prosecution.  As Linda became so successful in her business, there a re a lot of people who try to copy her business and use her name to give it credibility.  If you come across any suspicion use of the name, pl ease let us know.

Health Investor - Annual Event edition 2008

Linda Briggs was a guest speaker at the
Health Investor annual event 2008

Contact Linda Briggs

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