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Wrinkle Rescue

Wrinkle Rescue: The Lowdown on Smoothing Facial Lines

"Really good resource guide for any girl who wants to look after her face and doesn't know where or how to start. I liked the information about lasers best, because it is so confusing. The book is very user-friendly and the photographs are beautiful. I would highly recommend it."

Complexion Perfection

Complexion Perfection: The Lowdown on Achieving Spot-free Skin

"This book is worth twice the cover price. I got so much information I could never get from my GP. I felt like she understood my problem so well, and gave practical, affordable solutions to blemishes."

Facelifts & other wrinkle remedies

The Lowdown on Facelifts and Other Wrinkle Remedies
"This is such a fantastic book, and very honest and sincere. It explains everything you need to know about your face, why and how it ages, and what you can do about it. The author gets very personal and talks about what she has had done, and the case studies are about women we can all relate to. The writing is fresh, and upbeat and very entertaining actually. It makes a very scary subject, seem more manageable and explains each procedure and treatment from eye creams to BOTOX to facelifts in detail. I would recommend this book for everyone."

Skin Secrets

Skin Secrets

"Aimed at all ages, Skin Secrets is full of real information from respected dermatologist and academic, Professor Nicholas Lowe. He and his co-author Polly Sellar, provide sound advice on how to care for skin and how to choose skin products."

The Perricone Prescription

The Perricone Prescription

A Doctor's 28- day Programme for Total Body and Face Rejuvination.   Telegraph Magazine: "to many of his fans - including Jennifer Lopez and Bruce Willis - Perricone is a hero, a skincare visionary".

The Wrinkle Cure

The Wrinkle Cure: The Formula for Stopping Time

"Nicholas Perricone, in the opening chapters of The Wrinkle Cure, explains why skin wrinkles and sags--a combination of  factors including the passage of time, stress, poor nutrition, excess alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation and exposure to cigarette smoke, sunlight and pollution.  Ultimately, however, it all boils down to damage caused by those renegade free radicals."

The Perricone Prescription Personal Journal

The Perricone Prescription Personal Journal

Your Total Body and Face Rejuvenation Daybook

Wendy Lewis, Hair Affair

Hair Affair: The Lowdown on Getting Gorgeous Hair

"This is the nicest book about hair care I have ever read. The layout and photos are so appealing, and I think the information provided is very good advice. I especially liked the part about choosing a stylist, and the differences in what products work best for each hair type. It can be very confusing with all the gels and mousses on the market, but this book simplified it for me."

Wendy Lewis - Figure it Out

Figure It Out: The Lowdown on Reshaping Your Body

"This is a very honest, sensible book that answers a lot of questions every woman has about her figure. I really enjoyed the part about liposuction. It explained the surgery very well and made it seem a little less scary to me."

Facial Workout

Eva Fraser's Facial Workout (Penguin Health Care and Fitness)

" This fitness programme describes how one can combat ageing of the face. As we grow older the facial muscles slacken through under use and the skin droops, forming pouches, bags under the eyes and wrinkles. The facial muscles need exercises in the same way as the rest of the body."

Eve Fraser's Facial Workout

Eva Fraser's Facial Workout

"For men and women of all ages, this is an exercise programme based on muscle physiology that reverses the signs of ageing naturally. The first part of the programme looks at each exercise individually and part two consists of daily routines to follow."

Carol Maggio - facercise

The New Facercise: Give Yourself a Natural Facelift

"Ca role Maggio is a skin care specialist who has developed a facial exercise programme over a 20 year span. This is the programme utilized by royalty, rock stars, and Hollywood celebrities, fashion designers and millions of clients worldwide."

Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution

Dr Atkins' New Diet Revolution: The No-hunger, Luxurious Weight Loss Plan That Really Works!

"Follow the Dr Atkinsí Diet and forget counting calories. Watch the fat melt away as a healthier and firmer body emerges. Enjoy more energy as well as freedom from a range of ailments from diabetes to heart disease. Essentially a low carbohydrate plan, the Atkinsí Diet boosts your...

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drop-dead Gorgeous: Protecting Yourself from the Hidden Dangers of Cosmetics

"Our preoccupation with beauty is a fascination that the cosmetics industry has parlayed into a 28 billion dollar a year industry. They offer products that claim to deliver youthful skin and luxurious hair, yet they fail to mention the scores of potential irritants, carcinogens......... "

Beauty Bible

21st Century Beauty Bible

The Mail on Sunday You magazine, September 22, 2002
"How to look pretty damn gorgeous, pretty damn quick"

Beauty Fixs

Beauty Fixes: Everything You Need to Know About "Lunchtime" Cosmetic Treatments

"This work goes through the nitty-gritty of all the beauty treatments available. The procedures are brought to life through a first-hand account from a paying patient. The book arms you with much information to help you understand the beauty treatments available, before you go for it"

Feel Fab Forever

Feel Fabulous Forever: The Anti-ageing Health and Beauty Bible

The Express, on the previous edition,
"Feel Fabulous Forever is the tome no 40-something woman should be without"

Planet Organic

Planet Organic: Organic Beauty: Look and Feel Gorgeous the Natural Way (Planet Organic)

"I suffer from sensitive skin and have spent a fortune in the past trying to find products that don't irritate my skin. I hadn't expected to find a good book on this subject so was pleasantly surprised by the book Planet Organic: Organic Beauty. It is nicely presented, easy to read and informative"

Health Spa at Home

Health Spa at Home: A Top-to-toe Revitilising Programme in a Weekend (The Feel Good Factor)

"This is a DIY guide to turning readers' homes into a health spa, including sections on how to turn the bathroom into a scented haven and on creating facials and skin treatments from natural ingredients"

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin: A Two-way Action Plan for the Perfect Complexion

With this 2 way action plan you can get your skin - and even your life - back to normal. When 1 cosmetics manufacturer conducted a poll he found that 63% of women believed that their skin was more sensitive than normal .So if your skin is having a nervous breakdown, you are not alone.


Age-Less: The Definitive Guide to Botox, Collagen, Lasers, Peels and other Solutions for Flawless Skin

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