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Cosmetic surgery in Belgium
is, without a doubt, cheaper than cosmetic surgery in the UK.  It is very convenient to travel by Eurostar from London and Ebfleet and this makes it a very tempting prospect for a lot of cosmetic surgery patients looking for value for money.

Of course, there are good and bad surgeons all over the world, so choosing the right cosmetic surgeon and getting the result you would like first time, is the key to making it a cost effective trip.  If you are unfortunate enough to have to keep travelling back to Belgium for corrections, then it stops becoming good value for money.

Linda has a lot of experience of finding good quality surgeons in Belgium.  There are a lot of cosmetic surgery conveyor belt clinics in Belgium and also "hard sell" clinics the same as anywhere else.  Be on your guard and choose wisely.  The cosmetic surgery options listed below have been known by Linda for many years and are all offering consistently good results.  Telephone Linda if you would like more information, or request a CV below and do some research yourself.

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