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These surgeons are also happy to give an opinion for patients intending to go overseas for surgery


A list of procedures that can be carried out by both surgeons.  As you will see they have vast experience with a lot of the latest techniques.   The surgeons work together.   Consultations available

Endoscopic brow lift
Open brow lift
Brow softening and feminisation

Hair repositioning surgery – hairline advancement

Blepharoplasty (variety of eyelid tucks and eyebag removal)
Canthopexy and eyelid reshaping

Facelift – SMAS, MACS, v-SMAS
Facelift – subperiosteal
Facelift - midface (SOOF)
Facelift  - volumetric
Miniface and jowl lifts

Malar augmentation and implants

Cheeklifts and implants

Orbital reshaping


Submental liposuction

Chin advancement and setback (implant and autologous)

Lip augmentation

Jaw masculinisation surgery

Botox, Filler and chemical peel therapies

(open, closed, augmentation and reduction rhinoplasties)
Tip rhinoplasty
Nasal reconstruction

Pinnaplasty (prominent ear correction)
Ear Symmetrisation

Breast reduction
Breast augmentation
Breast uplift (mastopexy)
Mastopexy augmentation single stage
Vertical scar breast rebalancing
Vertical scar breast rebalancing – Lejour
Tuberous breast remodelling
Breast asymmetry and symmetrisation
Nipple reduction and reshaping, reconstruction
Breast reconstruction

Male breast reduction (gynaecomastia - open and closed techniques)

Abdomen and Body contour
Abdominoplasty (apronectomy
Umbilicoplasty (belly  button reshaping)
Liposuction – all body areas
Fat transfer, and fat augmentation
Buttock lifts and augmentation
Thigh lift
Brachioplasty (arm reduction)

General plastic surgery
Molewatch and diagnostic service
Removal skin tumours and reconstruction of eyelids, nose, ears and face
Keloid scars
Hand surgery (carpal tunnel, arthritis wrist and thumb, Dupuytrens disease, hand contractures)
Breast reconstruction
Limb trauma
Hand trauma specialists


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