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Dr Hector Valdes cosmetic surgeon in Marbella, Spain with Linda Briggs


Dr Hector Valdes

Dr Hector Valdes
also works in Chile and a clinic in Malaga, Spain near to the airport.  Dr Valdes is a well respected surgeon
in Chile and has a particular flair for face lifts

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The prices include the surgeon, anesthetist, one night stay in the clinic and any prosthesis.  All consultations and follow up procedures are included in the price.  Prices do not include, accommodation or flights and hotel transfers

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  |  Rhinoplasty (nose)  |  Blepharoplasty (eyes)  |   Otoplasty (ears)   |  Face lifts   |  Breast augmentation   |  Breast uplifts and reductions   |  Buttock implants   |  Abdominoplasty (tummy tucks)   |  Cheek reduction   |  and minor procedures

Before and after views of male face lift surgery by Dr Valdes


Before eye surgery by Dr Valdes

After eye surgery carried out by Dr Valdes

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