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Linda Briggs Cosmetic & General Surgery in Spain
Cosmetic, General & Eye surgery in Barcelona, Spain
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Dr Jesus Benito a progressive cosmetic surgeon who offers most cosmetic procedures and specialises in all types of implants.


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Dr Marisa Manzano is a Specialist in Plastic Surgery and works as part of a team with Dr Benito


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Clinica Planas the most famous cosmetic and reconstructive surgery clinic in Europe is based in Barcelona.  Click the link to read more about Clinica Planas and send your enquiries to Linda.

Clinica Planas

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Barcelona Centro Médico who provide all general surgery procedures and are happy to assist any patients to find the general surgery they need in their highly technological and exceptionally clean and sterile facilities.


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Click here for all medical services available in Barcelona.

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See their catalogue here

IMO Barcelona,  Spain

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Spain is a preferred destination by international patients to undergo reproductive procedures, the third in the world in quality and activity in assisted reproduction treatments.  Today, Catalonia is the leader in Spain, performing 23.3% of treatments, offering the highest standards in quality, state-of-the-art technologies, very qualified specialists, the highest success rates and affordable prices.

The legal framework in Spain is one of the most comprehensive and flexible in the EU, allowing performance of all fertility treatments (IUI, IVF, egg and sperm donation, ROPA, PGT among others) except surrogacy and gender selection.  The law establishes that woman can access the treatments despite marital status or sexual orientation.  It means that it’s allowed to perform procedures to solo-mums, heterodox couples and females couples.  The donation of gametes (the mainly demanded procedures ) is anonymous and altruistic, which ensure the availability of them to offer egg or/and sperm donation programs practically immediately, without waiting lists.  Spain performs around 60% of all IVF-Egg donation programs in Europe, which makes the country the leader in a donation at the EU.

Barcelona is easily accessible with direct and frequent flights from anywhere in the world.

IVF treatment in Barcelona.  Click here to read more :  See their brochure here


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