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Patrient's story

The TV and Press are always looking for cosmetic surgery patients for case studies

Do you need to earn some extra cash to put towards your cosmetic surgery?

Read about Lis'a birthday present

Our journalist
has helped lots of our clients earn money to help pay for their operations.

She can turn your real life story into cash to help boost your surgery savings fund.

What to do
So if you want to earn extra cash by appearing in a national women's magazine like Chat, Woman, Reveal, That's Life, Closer or Bella or national newspaper like the Sun or Sunday Mirror contact her today to find out what your story is worth.

Fees paid so far range between 100 - 1500.

Your story can be about anything from love, death, weight loss, weight gain, grief, friendship, illness, betrayal, crime, anything and everything.

And of course once you've had your cosmetic surgery you can then do another story about that and earn more cash!!

Use the email link or contact button on our contact page and send an outline of your story and your contact details and she'll call you back.  Please remember that you must be willing to be named and pictured.

Visit our
press pages to see examples of the stories that have been written about our patients in the past.


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