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Testimonials for injectable treatments in London and Zagreb


“I have had Restylane filler for mouth-to-nose fold with Dr M. I can’t describe how happy I am about it! I look so much better, look younger, my confidence increased tremendously! I finally started liking myself on photos!!!!

But most importantly the results are so natural that even my close friends don't know that I had it done.  Although everybody comments on how rest ed I look!

Also when considering this treatment I had consultations with a couple of doctors in London.  However my intuition told me to do it with Dr M.  He is a very attentive and caring professional with vast experience and strong background.  In short, I never looked back!”
Ms S Belle

“I have always been self-conscious about my lack of breasts and became accustomed to wearing chicken fillets and padded bras.  Surgery had always been at the back of my mind but I was really nervous about actually going through with it as it seemed so drastic.

When Dr M first told me about macrolane it seemed too good to be true...a cup size operation and no scaring!  Dr M was very honest about the whole procedure explaining everything to me.

The actual procedure was quick, Nick made me feel completely comfortable and at ease the whole time. Within an hour and a half I was at home a cup size bigger!!

Two days later I was able to do physical activities, and 2 weeks later I am back running and at the gym, my breasts look and feel completely natural!

I have been very impressed with the high quality personal service form Dr M. Having contemplated surgery I am so glad I came across the boob jab and would not hesitate in recommending this procedure to all my friends.”
Gemma Eves

“I have a total needle phobia and was very nervous about having dermal fillers around my mouth and the eye bag removal procedure  I was booked in fo r Dr M.  I have to say I was totally shocked at how calm he made me feel, he was so gentle and reassuring I actually enjoyed the process and am looking forward to my next treatment.  I may even be over my needle phobia!”
Annabelle, London

“I am sixty years old, but I look forty.  All thanks to my brilliant aesthetic doctor, Dr M. Since my first visit to his clinic and Botox treatment together with some fillers procedures I became a different person, new woman.  In spite of my regular exercising and healthy diet, my face started looking tired, wrinkled.  Now, all is in harmony. Dr M gave me back my confidence, my facial features are again younger looking, my skin is tight and fresh.

I have always been conscious of my looks, probably because my late husband was prominent aesthetic surgeon and I learnt a few things. I visited a few other aesthetic doctors-famous for their work before I met Dr M.  The results were not satisfactory.  I finally decided that with Dr M I am in the best hands in this field of medical rejuvenation.  Not only that he is very professional and experienced, he has got a perfect sense of architecture and beauty of human face and body.  One feels confident and relaxed during all the treatments.

As a patient I am totally grateful to Dr M for my rejuvenated face, now after three years of regular visits, and I will be back again.”
Ms Grace Flowers

“Dr. M was super professional when he treated me. I got an appointment the same day I called and was treated like the Queen Bee.  I am very happy with the treatment I received from him and will see him again next time I am in London. He rocks!”
Dr. Dot

“I have been asked by Dr M to offer a short account of experiences with his services. I am very glad to share my experiences and to provide the highest recommendation.  For us middle-age men improving our looks requires a very carefully considered approach, one which results in getting a more youthful look without looking stupid!  There are many exceptional aspects to asking Dr M for various treatments but I think chief amongst them is his consistently candid approach to making sure that the best and most appropriate amount of treatment is applied.  Dr M does not provide a low cost service and nor is it expensive, its exceptionally good value.  I cannot praise enough Dr M's attention to detail and exceptional results he produces.”
Niroo Niroomand

“I had Botox with Dr M and found him to be a skilled and very friendly surgeon who knew what he was doing. I was very pleased with the outcome of the procedure and would go back for sure.”
Kerry from Scotland


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