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Linda Briggs in Hungary for Fat Transfer


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  • No incisions!
  • No stitches!
  • No bandages!
  • The skin develops a much more pleasing appearance!
  • Working from a patient's old photos facial volume etc can be restored!
  • Ideal procedure in conjunction with facelift/eyelift surgery
  • 90% permanent results!

Treatment Area


Price in Euros



Complete Face Fat Transfer
(individually tailored to each patient) cheeks, eye area, nasolabial folds, lip area, etc

with Local Anaesthesia
with Local together with another procedure
under General Anaesthesia
under General Anaesthesia
together with another procedure

from 1500

Fat Transfer to Buttocks
(only under General Anaesthesia) *

as a single procedure under General Anaesthesia
with another General Anaesthesia procedure

from 2985

Breast Augmentation
using fat (only under General Anaesthesia)*

as a single procedure under General Anaesthesia
with another General Anaesthesia procedure

from 2900

Calf Augmentation

as a single procedure under Local Anaesthesia
with another procedure under Local Anaesthesia

from 1700


Fat Transfer to Labia Maiora

under Local with another procedure

from 850

Fat Transfer to back of Hands

under Local with another procedure

from 900

Fat Transfer to correct Asymmetries (per area)

under Local with another procedure

from 520

*may require a second 'top up' visit but this treatment will be at a reduced price.

Fat Transfer is a safe, natural and highly effective cosmetic surgery procedure

Advantages of this

  • Bio-compatible - which means that a patient's own fat tissue will be transferred.
  • There is no graft versus host reaction, foreign body reaction or any transmission of bacteria, viruses or fungi.
  • The skin surface will become younger, as the germ cells in fat tissue are made available in greater quantities by means of a straightforward method, and rejuvenation provides a long-lasting result.

Last, but not least, this procedure can be used as part of body reshaping/contouring, using fat transfer to achieve a better shape when carried out in combination with liposuction.

How long will the results last?
As long as there is no change in body weight or general health, the results of autologous fat transfer will last for a minimum of 10 years.

A certain amount of a patient's own fat tissue can be harvested and transferred from various regions of the body - ie the abdominal wall, back, flanks and lateral thighs, medial knee - to the face.

Areas to be treated include:

  • glabellar (frown) lines
  • around the eyes
  • cheeks
  • nasolabial folds
  • lids
  • chin and chin area
  • the whole face

The operation is carried out either under Local or General Anaesthesia.  The procedure can successfully aid in rejuvenation of sagging facial tissues and the overlying skin that has thinned through age
This rejuvenation effect will be visible after a minimum period of 6 months.

Breast enlagement using fat transfer
Following an in-depth consultation to determine a patient's suitability for this procedure, a certain amount of fat tissue can be transferred into the breasts of a woman as an alternative to breast implants.

When is this procedure suitable?

  • when the breasts are too small
  • when there is breast asymmetry
  • for contour correction

The operation is carried out under General Anaesthesia, and the patient will remain overnight in the clinic.  Antibiotic treatment is recommended for one week following this procedure, and a special support/compression bra should be worn for one month post-op.
The final result will be seen after one year.

Buttock augmentation using fat transfer
Buttock Augmentation using autologous fat is an appropriate and effective procedure for those women having excess fat tissue in the abdomen, lumbar region, hips and back of the thighs, and for those who do not wish to have synthetic buttock implants.

Using a patient's own fat tissue offers many advantages.  The combination of liposuction to areas of excess fat and the grafting of this fat into the buttocks is a powerful method of increasing the size and shape of the gluteal area relative to the surrounding areas.  The grafted fat is soft and pliable, and homoge nous with the surrounding tissues.

The procedure is carried out under General Anaesthesia.  Following surgery it is necessary to wear a special light support/compression garment for 2-4 weeks, and to sleep on the stomach for 2 weeks.  Sitting down is possible using pillows positioned around the treated areas, but care must be taken at all times so as not to reposition the newly-grafted fat tissue.

Antibiotics will be prescribed after surgery, and the use of Betadine or similar soap is recommended in order to keep the areas clean.

The inner thighs of mid part of the femoral region and the labial majora (gential area) can also be treated in the same way for fat transfer.

Calf augmentatioon using fat transfer
Calf Augmentation using autologous fat is an effective procedure for enlargement of the calf.  A patient's own fat tissue can be made avail able from regions such as the abdomen, the lumbar (back) area, the hips and the back of the thighs.  The fat is used to increase the calf vol ume, or to give a better shape and correct asymmetry.

This procedure can be carried out either General or Local Anaesthesia.  Follo wing surgery, antibiotic therapy will be prescribed, and patients will be instructed to wear light compression stockings together with shoes having a heel height of 5-6 cm.

Fat transfer to the hands
As we age our hands reflect the story of the passing years and cannot hide the signs of our real age. For years cosmetic surgeons were unable to offer an effective solution to the problem, but now autologous fat transfer can provide a very natural and effective method for rejuvenation of the hands.

A patient's own fat tissue can be harvested from the abdomen, inner thighs, and upper arms and transferred to the area around the tendons and blood vessels of the hand.  After six months the skin in this area will be much younger, giving a hydrated silky and thicker appearance - the hands of a much younger person!

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