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Linda Briggs in Hungary - Men's procedures


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Smartlipo prices in Budapest, Hungary



Number of areas

Price in Euros

One area = both arms, both thighs etc



Double chin & arms

4 (pay for 3)


Tummy & hips

6 (pay for 5)


Tummy & outer thighs

6 (pay for 5)


Outer & Inner thighs

4 (pay for 3)


Tummy, Hips, Inner & outer thighs

10 (pay for 7)



These packages are for either SmartLipo alone or for a combination procedure using traditional liposuction for the deeper more stubborn areas of fat and Smartlipo for the smaller superficial areas - together giving a very smooth, contoured and successful result.

If Combined with other procedures under General Anaesthesia, the prices will be a lot lower than above

Prices include all tests, garments, hospital fee etc.  They DO NOT include flights and accommodation

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