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Linda Briggs Cosmetic Surgery in India
Cosmetic or plastic surgery and a variety of general surgery and dentistry in India


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Lady doctor in India

India - Cosmetic & general surgery, dentistry, ophthalmic and orthopaedic specialists

The Indian government are pouring billions of pounds into their private health service making the Indian health service one of the best in the world for overseas patients.

The hospitals are amazing and full of state of the art
equipment.  A lot of surgeons who were trained in the NHS are now returning to their home country to work.

Many of the surgeons we use are GMC specialist registered surgeons and consultations are available in the UK

For more information,
send an enquiry and you will be contacted.

Prices in India are generally half those in the UK.  Flight and accommodation ca n be organised for you.  We offers bespoke service to suit all your needs

  • Joint Replacements (Hip and Knee etc)
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Cardiology and Cardiac surgery
  • Cosmetic
  • General surgery
  • Dentistry

Taj Mahal in India

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