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Holy Sites in Jerusalem, Israel


An ex-pat British doctor
FRCOphthalmologists (Lond).   Graduated from Newcastle University medical school

Also trained in Manchester and Tel Aviv, Israel.  Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (London) 1991

He underwent higher training specifically in laser vision correction in England and Mexico and has performed thousands of laser operations with great success. He is also a highly respected cataract surgeon.

Using state of the art Lasik technology in Tel Aviv comparable with highest standards in the UK.  
Memberships include:-

European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons   |   Israel Ophthalmology Society   |  Israel Society of Refractive Surgeons

The doctor in his surgery examining a patient

2%-5% of patients may need an enhancement procedure (This is standard for laser vision treatments). In this case the extra procedure will be carried out free, but flights , hotels etc will have to be paid

Recommended stay in Tel Aviv - 5 nights.   The cost of surgery includes a meet & greet service from the airport.  Flights not included


  Suggested Hotels

3 Star

Shalom Hotel Tel Aviv

4 Star

Metropolitan Hotel Tel Aviv

5 Star

Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv seen from Jaffa in Israel

If you need glasses to drive or watch TV, or have to remove your glasses to go swimming with the kids-but then can’t see them, you should definitely consider Laser Vision Correction.  Laser Vision Correction (Lasik and PRK) removes your dependency on glasses and contact lenses, giving you visual freedom.

Dr Andrew Fink based in Tel Aviv, Israel, a British ex-Pat, and British trained Eye Surgeon specialising in Laser Vision Correction, can offer you professional expert care at a cost 30-50% less than in the UK.   He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, with 15 years experience in the field, and over 8000 patients treated.  In the past he worked with Optimax, one of the UK’s leading laser companies.  He will immediately put you at ease in his Tel Aviv clinic, as you receive a detailed pre-operative assessment and explanation in clear English.  You won’t feel that you are on a “conveyer belt” as can happen in some large commercial centres.

Laser treatment is reported as being the most popular surgical procedure in the world today, with millions of treatments performed worldwide, and tens of thousands in Israel become glasses free every year.  In Israel we have the most advanced technologies, experienced and ethical doctors, and we get great results.

Contrary to the way it sometimes seems in the media, Israel is an extremely safe country to visit and tour.  In 2012, close to four million tourists came to Israel, an all time record, and all of them went home safe and sound.  Israel is also a surprisingly small country, about the size of Wales, but this makes touring easier, being able to visit historic and religious sites, or just resting on the all year round sunny beaches, all in a short visit.  In the winter you can even snow ski and take a dip in the Med on the same day.  And it’s also easy to combine visits between Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, with a trip to Bethlehem in the Palestinian Authority.

The principle of laser treatment is that the front surface of the eye (the cornea) is reshaped by the laser beam.  The laser actually evaporates the corneal tissue.  In this way the focusing power of the eye changes and patients no longer require glasses for everyday activities.

There are basically two different techniques which are available today.  The first technique involves the laser being aimed at the surface of the eye.  This is called variously PRK, Lasek, or just Surface Treatment, and is very effective and safe but healing can take a few days.  The second technique is called Lasik and involves lifting up the front layers of the cornea by creating a superficial “flap”. The laser beam is then aimed at the exposed layer underneath and finally the flap is replaced.  This technique has a much more rapid healing time and patients return to full functioning within hours.  However it is only suitable for certain patients with the right anatomically shaped eye.

In Israel we have all the latest technology including “wavefront” laser which not only removes the glasses prescription but also maintains and sometimes improves your quality vision.  Lasik can be performed with a computerised blade to create the flap or the newer “blade free” technique using an additional laser machine called a Femtolaser.

Candidates who consider laser treatment inevitably ask about its safety.  All patients have to undergo a rigorous pre-operative assessment when a full clinical examination is performed including the taking of microscopic eye measurements, and a full explanation is given in a relaxed fashion about the various laser options.

About 20% of patients are excluded as they are deemed unsuitable.  It is important to reject patients for whom the chance of success is not high, or for whom laser treatment might even be dangerous.  In this way the tiny risk involved in Laser Vision Correction in Dr Fink’s clinic is kept to an absolute minimum and the success rate is extremely high, meeting all international standards.

If you are considering giving up your dependence on glasses, we recommend that you consider Laser Vision Correction with Dr Fink, in Israel.


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