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FAQs for Cosmetic Surgery and Dentistry in Malta


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Where is Malta.  Click here to see a map in relation to the rest of Europe.  Malta is approximately 3 hours flying time from London.

How do I arrange my surgery?  Linda Briggs will guide you through the process.  All questions can be answered up to the point of any medical information being needed, to confirm your booking.  At that point, a member of the hospital staff will make contact with you, if you are resident in Malta, or we will have to send you a medical questionnaire to complete for overseas patients.

A pre surgery consultation

Consultations take place regularly in Malta.  Some are available in London.

Contact Linda for an appointment.  
For overseas patients, a preliminary consultation can be done by photographs and the final consultation will take place immediately prior to surgery.

Ask Linda Briggs how you plan your consultation

Flights to Malta
.  Flights can be arranged by Linda Briggs via Spa Travel (ATOL 9033), but if you find a good deal on a budget airline, feel free to book yourself.  Ryanair fly to Malta from a lot of destinations, including Ireland

Travel Agents package deals.  Sometimes its possible to find a good deal through a travel agent for both flights and hotels and it may be possible to schedule your surgery around the dates of the package.  See also Spa Travel for hotel and flight bookings.  If you can find one of these, the surgery prices only, are on the price lists.

See Rates for patients at
The Palace Hotel, Victoria Hotel and Fortina Hotel and Spa Resort next to the hospital.  See map for location of the hospital and hotels.

Do I need to pay a deposit   Yes, you do.  Due to time wasters and the need for hospitals to plant heir theatre schedules and staffing levels, its necessary to have a booking deposit of £500.  (For Maltese residents €500) This can be paid over the telephone in the UK or it can be paid in Euros into our Malta account.  We can give you the account details.  The deposit can be returned if cancellation is made 14 days before the surgery date.  It is non refundable if cancellations are made less than 14 days before the surgery date.  Our apologies to those genuine patients who wouldn't dream of just not turning up!

Arriving at Malta airport, you will be met by your hostess and driver

Transport in Malta
.  A meet and greet service can be provided at a discounted rate of 20 euros for airport transfers, so make sure you have the cash to pay the driver.  The driver will stand with a board with your name on it, at the airport arrivals.

If you booked a package holiday transfers can be organised to the hospital and back, but there may be an additional charge.  Please ask about the service.

Taxis can be arranged for any other journey or sightseeing trips you wish to make in Malta during your stay.

Can I take a friend or my family ?   Of course.  Any arrangements can be made to make you feel comfort able during your stay and if it means having a friend, its not a problem.   The additional cost for accommodation for a companion is on the price list.

Paying for my surgery.  All surgery is paid in advance of the procedure, this is standard practice throughout the world for private self elective surgery.
Linda Briggs will collect the money on behalf of the surgeon a week before your departure.  For Maltese residents, cleared funds must be received into Linda Briggs account a week before surgery.

If, after having paid the balance of the surgery money you decide to cancel your surgery (ie within the week prior to surgery) the surgeon and the hospital can ask for a cancellation fee.  It is at their discretion, depending on your reasons for cancellation.  The cost of tests carried out cannot be refunded, but you will be given the results of the tests.


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