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Linda Briggs Cosmetic Surgery & Dentistry in Poland
Cosmetic Surgery in Poland


Linda Briggs cosmetic surgery in Poland

Contents - Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery in Poland with Linda Briggs

Linda Briggs created this web site for surgery in Poland due to the high demand for Cosmetic, Plastic, General surgery and dentistry in Poland

In the past, she heard a lot of bad press about cosmetic surgery in Poland, but hopefully Linda Briggs can stop patients being attracted to the wrong places in Poland for cosmetic surgery

For more information about Cosmetic, Plastic, General surgery or dentistry in Poland please
contact Linda Briggs

Linda Briggs first cosmetic surgery trip to Poland was in May 2005.  She saw some fantastic hospitals and there is no doubt they exist.

It didn't take Linda Briggs long to locate the best places to go for your cosmetic or plastic surgery in Poland.

Places to go for Cosmetic, Plastic, General surgery or dentistry in Poland:-

The Cultural Tower in the centre of Warsaw

, Poland - Cosmetic & most general surgery.  Please ask for details

Warsaw, Poland - Cosmetic and thread lifts and a variety of non surgical options

Being in Europe, but still having their own currency, this is exceptional value for money and a short flight from England.

The NHS are already employing hundreds of Polish dentists and doctors, which shows their qualifications are accepted in the UK by the professionals here.

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