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Cosmetic Surgery & Dentistry in Turkey


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Just good value for money and experienced surgeons for your cosmetic surgery in Turkey

Linda Briggs in Turkey

Independent provider of personal cosmetic and surgical advice and services.

" UK's leading independent cosmetic surgery adviser" Linda Briggs, not only arranges cosmetic surgery, but also dentistry, hair restoration, all medical checks, general surgery and hips and knee surgery.

options in Turkey

for your cosmetic & general surgery abroad.  Where ever you are travelling from, let Linda Briggs put you in touch with experienced surgeons and help with organising your trip.

for cosmetic surgery in Turkey cannot be offered in London at the moment.  The law in England requires all consultations to be carried out by
GMC registered surgeons and the rooms to be registered with the Care Quality Commission.   We can offer you alternative ways of consulting your surgeons.  We do not offer consultations with sales people or non medical staff.


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