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Linda Briggs Cosmetic Surgery & Dentistry in Turkey
Cosmetic or plastic surgery in Istanbul Turkey



is increasingly becoming a preferred destination for many patients looking for first-class and professional results at excellent prices and great value for money. Along with the lower cost of medical procedures coupled with a strong infrastructure, Istanbul offers a historically rich culture and sights that will amaze even the most discerning traveller!

We work only with the best hospitals and surgeons in Istanbul offering the highest standards of safety, experienced English-speaking doctors and surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities. With regard to Istanbul we  consistently receive fantastic and positive feedback from patients about the hospitals, surgeons, facilities and unparalleled service!

We are now  pleased to be working with a very experienced English-speaking surgeon providing unrivalled treatments in his own aesthetic clinic and larger surgical procedures in a 5-star hospital -  and whose patients travel from all over the world (and have been doing for many years) Their patient referral rate amongst family,friends and colleagues is exceptionally high!

Not a 'cheap' option nor 'cheap' quality surgery - this is surprisingly a 5-star option but at a very affordable price!  The patients who travel to this surgeon have said they consider it well worth while to invest a little more and extend their budget to achieve the best surgery - the best care - and the best results!

  • Surgeries/treatments are discussed and planned  in a totally professional manner according to a patient's individual needs prior to their arrival in Istanbul.
  • Great importance is placed on listening to, and finding out exactly what the patient needs and would like to achieve.
  • A detailed and comprehensive consultation is carried out between the patient and the surgeon and the surgery details confirmed with everything planned in order to minimise any risks.  Complication rates with this surgeon are almost zero.
  • Surgeries are carried out in the the highest quality healthcare facilities in Istanbul - which provide 5-star hotel comfort, caring and attentive medical staff, and very low  infection rates.
  • The surgeon's own clinic (for aesthetic non-surgical and minor surgical procedures) is designed and organised with International patients in mind, with the highest standards of hygiene in place.  The clinic is easy to reach from Istanbul Airport (35 mins) - and  is also only 15 minutes from the hospital.
  • Specialities  of the surgeon include:  Scarless Breast Reduction - Scarless Upper Lip Lift - Laser blepharoplasty
  • A very good package covering  your hotel stay and airport and local transfers is available at a very reasonable cost.
  • Good communication with the clinic and a very personal service is provided from the first enquiry - to the booking of surgery - during the time spent in Istanbul - and afterwards. This is not always the case with some clinics and should be an important factor when deciding on where to go for surgery.


A 5* hospital room

Atakent Hospital


Another popular destination in Turkey is Okan University Hospital
Contact an English speaking co-ordinator direct on
+ 90 549 430 90 56



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