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Linda Briggs Cosmetic & General Surgery in Barcelona,  Spain
Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons in Barcelona, Spain


dr benito

Dr Jesus Benito & Dr Marisa Manzano
for cosmetic surgery Barcelona, Spain

Dr Benito GMC’s Specialist Register.  Also a member of American Society of Aesthetic, Plastic Surgery


Dr Manzano

Dr Marisa Manzano
is a Specialist in Plastic Surgery
and works as part of a team with Dr Benito.  She is a member of the
Spanish Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery .  Besides her private practice in Cosmetic Surgery, she works as a Medical Advisor for a second level hospital in Barcelona. She has been assistant in leading centers such as the Istituto Europeo di Oncologia and Clínica Planas She has also a wide experience in Burns and Dermatological Surgery.

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Stay In Hospital

Days in

Abdominoplasty  2 10
Augmentation, calves  1 7
Augmentation, buttocks  2 10
Augmentation, breasts  1 7
Augmentation, pectoral  1 7
Blepharoplasty (4 eyelids)  1 7
Blepharoplasty (upper eyelids)  


Blepharoplasty (lower eyelids)  


Ginecomasty  1 7
Lifting + eyelids  1 10
Lifting (face+eyelids+forehead)  2 10
Lifting, cervicofacial  1 10
Liposuction, abdomen  1 7
Liposuction, lower limb  1 7
Mastopexy (breast lift)  1 7
Reduction, breasts  1 7
Rinoplasty (closed)  1 7
Rinoplasty (open)  1 7
Antiaging diagnosis (basic) (1)  


not required

Antiaging diagnosis (gold) (2)  


not required


Costs include medical team, hospital expenses, implants and/or garments, preop analysis, transfers from airport to clinic and hospital to hotel.

Flights are not included in these prices.

Patients will be given the medication for the week after the op at no extra cost

Complications due to the initial procedure and requiring surgical treatment during their stay in Barcelona are free of charge (excluding special treatments such as blood transfusion, ICU, or by other medical specialties)

Special explorations for diagnosis such as CT scan, MRI  are excluded
Costs are exclusive of expenses for the partner or relative
Patients under any medical treatment should bring a medical report by their physician, explaining the medical condition and treatment given
(1) Includes medical interview, psychological interview, EIS diagnosis, skin evaluation, determination of biological age, blood analysis for antioxidants
(2) The same as 1 plus genetics (genetic risk for some common diseases with a analysis of blood or saliva)

DAYS IN Barcelona refers to the recommended stay after being discharged from the hospital and for stitch removal and follow up before coming back home.  It can be individualised depending on the patient and treatment


Terms& conditions

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