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A side view of a patient wearing invisible braces from Invisalign

Harley Street, London, England.  
A cosmetic dentist specialising in Invisalign invisible braces to perfect your smile.
Dr Raj Kumar DDS LDS RCS London & Birmingham.  Dr Kumar qualified at Guys Hospital 1989 and with the Royal College of Surgeons 1990.  He also carries out Botox, Juvederm, Restylane and other injectable treatments.

Tel:  0800 015 0569

He is the Elite Preferred Invisalign Provider  ::  Number 1 London Invisalign provider based on
Invisalign rankings
 ::  Number 3 Birmingham Invisalign provider

Three pictures showing Invisalign invisible braces being put in the mouth

Dr Kumar is a Member of ADI
Association of Dental Implantology, Member of International Congress of Osseointegration, Registered with General Dental Council, Specialist adviser to

Dr Raj Kumar is a Cosmetic Dental Surgeon, committed to providing Invisalign Clear Braces instead of cosmetic veneers or metal braces.

Dr Raj Kumar would rather save you a lot of money and your teeth by using Invisalign to correct your dental crowding/spacing.

He has been treating patients with Invisalign for over 4 years (Invisalign has only been in the UK for 5 years).  No other cheaper alternatives are used, even though they promise to be clear braces.  Usually only 1 impression set is required.

Highly credited with Invisalign as an Elite Provider he has treated over 350 patients.  He believes in Invisalign so much, that he has stopped providing the more lucrative smile makeover veneers.  Dr Kumar does not believe in trimming down teeth.  He treats the whole dental arch and not just the front 6 teeth, like many other dentists.

The total cost is inclusive and does not vary with the number of aligners, which allows Dr Kumar to concentrate on the treatment and not on the costs.  No danger of getting more aligners than is necessary, hence no hike in the costs.  He has treated himself with Invisalign.

Dr Raj Kumar can straighten teeth or close gaps without taking teeth out, using metal braces or cutting down teeth for veneers.

86 Harley St London W1G 7HP
191 Heathfield Rd Birmingham B19 1JD
123 Cannon St London EC4

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Tel 0800 015 0569


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