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A quick guide to finding good surgery


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  • Consider what you want to change about yourself and then use the What to have
    section, to read up on procedures, problems, techniques and anything else that I found to be useful.  This is not a complete section and I can see me working on this for years.
  • Once you have an idea of what would suite you best, keep an open mind.  Don't dive straight into looking for a surgeon/dentist/practitioner and blow the cost.  Give this careful consideration.
  • If you think that surgery is not yet an option, consider Dermal Fillers  Botox  Peels and Products
  • Don't forget the Book Section you might pick up a few tricks that you didn't know about, or maybe just increase your knowledge of the subject.
  • Do remember that not all surgeons have the same skills and/or equipment, so ask them why they think you would benefit from one procedure over another.  It could simply be that they can't do that procedure or don't have that piece of equipment.
  • At this point you will find the Research Section invaluable, although it's still not complete. This page is updated regularly as new information becomes available.
  • If budget is a consideration, then have a good look around, ask lots of questions and don't make any rash decisions.  Start by looking at the price lists available in the Where to go section.  You might even want to consider Finance
  • It is a fact of life that cosmetic surgery overseas is very popular.  It is also a fact of life that the cosmetic surgery industry in the UK is worth millions of pounds, so they want you to stay here.  If you don't wish to stay here, then do listen to the warnings of the professionals and don't be tricked into going somewhere where you don't know who the surgeon is. This is where my information can be invaluable. Try to find an overseas surgeon who visits the UK for consultations and follow ups.  Cheap can also be good, but don't let the price dictate your choice of surgeon.
  • Don't get taken in with the 'hard sell' from sales people for whatever surgeon YOU chose.
  • Also remember that the NHS don't do anything now unless it's life threatening, so if you come back from having surgery abroad with infections, then don't expect any sympathy here.  That's why you need to make sure you are going to have a good place to recover and plenty of time to recover in.
  • The other thing to take into account, is do you want to end up in an NHS hospital after having surgery somewhere else, bearing in mind the current MRSA problem.

What can I do for you?
I have spent since September 1999 researching and visiting surgeons and clinics around the world, trying to find what makes a good or a bad surgeon and a good or a bad result.  The answer is, there is no simple answer.

To help you make an educated decision about your surgery, and to minimise the risks as much as possible, I have included the best surgeons and clinics I have met in a variety of price brackets.  Some in the UK, but mostly overseas.  After you have read the information in my web site and become totally confused and suddenly realise that there is a lot to take into account, you can:-

  • Contact me via telephone or email      Let me :
  • Help you to see what options are open to you either surgically or non surgically.
  • Help you realise if having your surgery in the UK or overseas is the best option for you.
  • Help you organise your consultations, surgery and aftercare.
  • Listen to your feedback afterwards and how pleased you are with your changes, I welcome any feedback which may assist others.
  • Put you in touch with TV and other media contacts who may be interested in your experiences for publication.

See how Cosmetic Surgery changed my life for the better,

I want it to do the same for you.  Don't take chances.

The final choice is yours


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