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Newsletter - February 2016

Finances back on track after Christmas?
 Planning your holidays? Before you buy that new bikini, take a look of some of the exciting opportunities I can offer you in the next few months.  
Turkey is the new up and coming destination, we still have Malta and Budapest that are doing very well and a special trip by one of Americas famous professors coming up next month.


is increasingly becoming a preferred destination for many patients looking for quality results at excellent value.  Along with the low cost of medical procedures and strong infrastructure, Istanbul offers a historically rich culture and sights that will amaze even the most veteran of travelers.

We work with the best hospitals and surgeons in Istanbul offering cosmetic surgery, hair restoration, dentistry, IVF and gynecology.

We consistently get fantastic feedback from our patients about our hospitals, surgeons, facilities and unparalleled service. You can view feedback from patients here and request to speak with them about their experience. Carilyn Torres, our consultant in Turkey, will guide you in exploring your options and help you with everything you need to book your procedure.


Read the magazine article to see the latest procedures happening in
Malta.  Cosmetic gynaecology by a surgeon trained by Dr Matlock from the USA.  The very latest procedures cheaper than UK prices.  Page 1Page 2.  Available from April.


Professor Yousif will be visiting Tunisia at the end of March and carrying out surgery.  If you missed him last year, then take the opportunity now to have excellent face lifts at a fraction of the price of going to the USA.  Consultations in London on Thursday 25th February or 10th March.  Limited spaces, so ring now if you would like a consultation.



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