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Newsletter -  June 2015
Linda Briggs newsletter

Are you still planning your summer holidays?   Some suggestions below to have some surgery and dentistry at the same time.  Also, some media wants and help needed for a charity event.


Me, I'm off to
Malta again in July, with some patients from the UK.  Lots of dental options, cosmetic surgery and a specialist ENT surgeon who can put right your breathing problem, as well as straighten your nose.

Have you looked at our
Croatia section lately?  More dental options, Spas and Wellness centres.   The Adriatic coast is very hot and beautiful this time of year and well worth a visit.

With the change in the Euro value,
is a very good option and we are booking for August at the moment.   With consultations and follow ups in London and now offering more insurance cover from the surgeon, its an ideal option for those not wishing to stretch their budget.

     Media requests

First one, is a man who does a lot of charity work and he is looking for a lady between the ages of 25-65 about a size 10-12, no more than 5'5" tall.  Its to be part of a backing group for some cha rity events.  Ring Matt on 01502 530 866.

2nd request. I am looking for men who have had moob jobs and feel happier and more confident as a result, to show off their new physique and discuss the procedure in the Sun women's pages. Fee paid and copy approval.

Also Women growing up in the shadow of an overweight mother, to pose with her mother and discuss frankly her fears for her mother and the effect of obesity on her family life for a sensitively handled piece on body image.  If anyone is interested or has any questions I'd love to hear. 0787 989 8966 Kate.

3rd request.  As you know from the previous series of Bodyshockers they are looking for people who have had a beauty procedure and now want it reversed (such as implant removal) or people who are seriously considering getting cosmetic work done in the name of vanity. There are a few strands in Bodyshockers and an A strand is called a ‘Do Meets Undo’ where we pair up someone who is getting work done with someone who wants to reverse a beauty decision. The B strand features people who have had surgery and just want it reversed. And finally the C strand we are working on a multitude of options, ranging from a celebrity feature (possibly tattoo/lip fillers/boob stories) to someone who has decided to get more than one type of cosmetic surgery. We also feature tattoo removal and other body modifications.

Below is an idea of some of the surgeries they are looking at featuring:

  • Breast augmentation & implant removal – going from an A/B cup to a DD or bigger
  • Pectoral implants & removal
  • Buttock implants a& removal
  • Ears being sewn up from ear stretchers/plugs/heavy earrings
  • Lip fillers & reversals
  • Twins / sisters / couples getting work done together would make an interesting story (we are still working out how this can fit into the show but it’s definitely something to talk about
  • Someone getting more than 1 cosmetic procedure such as boob/nose/butt – and visa versa if anyone has had a lot of work done but now would like to change and reverse their decision.

With these procedures they are looking at both sides of the story from people getting work done, to those that regret their surgery or body modification and would like a reversal. To see their flyer, click here

     Cross Border Healthcare


     What else can we do?

Don't forget, I can provide other medical and dental treatments and can source a lot of options for self funding treatments if you don't want to wait for the NHS.

Dentistry    Obesity surgery   Ophthalmic & eye treatments    Hair restoration   Health checks

Vascular Surgery   Gynaecology (for women)   Orthopedic surgery

If you have a problem you can't find in the lists, just let me know and I will see what I can do.

     Cosmetic Surgery in London, Malta, Paris and Tunisia

The next consultations in London will be June 25/26 and July 9/10 and 23/24.   Please let me know if you would like to book


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