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Press   |  2002

Extract from the Manchester News 25th June 2002 Quoting Linda Briggs

Boob Jobs Abroad


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A CRAZE for "nip and tuck tourism" among women is putting their health at risk, a leading plastic surgery expert said today.

Image conscious women from across the North West are jetting off to overseas destinations - including South Africa, Marbella on the Costa Del Sol and historic Prague in the Czech Republic - to combine cosmetic surgery with a luxury holiday.

Specialist companies say demand for plastic surgery packages has soared in the North West and flights are now being arranged from Manchester Airport.


Boob jobs abroad can be successful, read about the patients that went with Linda Briggs for boob jobs abroad.

But Michael Barrett, of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons today warned that these women could be "courting disaster" by travelling abroad for major surgery.

Many women are lured by the attraction of jetting off for a secret facelift or boob job which their friends never know they have had.  But Mr Barrett warned patients to
check the qualifications of their surgeons before they travel.  He said "Travelling abroad for surgery is very dangerous unless the prospective patient can check the qualifications of the surgeon .
"There are so many scare stories, horrific tales of what has happened to some people who have gone abroad for surgery.  Unless patients can
check the surgeon's qualifications they are courting disaster."

Several new luxury clinics aimed at foreign clients have opened up across the Costa del Sol and travel companies are cashing in by offering package trips including surgery operations of your choice. And "scalpel safari" tours to South Africa have been popular because of the good reputation of the country's hospitals and the good exchange rate.  A boob job in South Africa costs around £1,000 compared with an average of around £4,000 in the UK.

Linda Briggs, boss of a cosmetic surgery advice web site based in Norwich, said "The people who go abroad are the ones who want to keep it a secret more than those who have surgery in the UK.   They tell everyone they are going on holiday and that explains why they look so good when they come back.

"Going abroad is so popular now - probably about half of all the cosmetic surgery patients from the UK are now going abroad for surgery.  The cost is a big factor.  In South Africa for example you can get a fantastic level of treatment for half the price that it costs here - including flights and accommodation".

But Linda, who has organised surgery for patients in countries all over the world including Croatia, Germany, Holland and South Africa, warned women to thoroughly check out their surgeons before they travel.

"There are good and bad surgeons in every country.   Patients should check that their surgeon has their countries equivalent qualification of being a Fellow of the Royal College of surgeons, and they should also be registered with their countries regulatory body, such as the GMC"

"What many patients don't do is check their surgeons insurance cover in case something does go wrong and they should also make sure that they have suitable medical travel insurance."

Note from Linda:
Linda Briggs has a lot of GMC Specialist registered surgeons working in France, Belgium, Tunisia and many other countries.  The surgeons offer consultations and aftercare in the UK, so telephone Linda to find a tried and tested option that will suit your budget.

Boob jobs abroad can be safe.  
Check out these options.

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