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Get the facts on Browplasty (Brow lifts)


Before a browlift

As we grow older our skin loses some of its elasticity and this loosening is responsible for the lines and wrinkles that appear on our forehead with age.  Many people choose to rejuvenate their appearance and remove these lines with regular
Botox injections, but as these are required every four-to-six months the process can be inconvenient and expensive.

Endoscopic browplasty, a cosmetic surgery procedure lasting between one and two hours and also known as a brow lift or upper-face lift, offers a longer term – although not permanent - alternative to regular Botox injections and restores a fresher, younger and line-free appearance to your brow and forehead.

The endoscopic (keyhole) browlift procedure involves the creation of four tiny incisions within the hairline, minimising the risk of visible scarring. The skin of the brow is suitably tightened and the incisions are sutured and bandaged. An overnight hospital stay is normally required, and subsequent rest is advised. The bandages can be removed after a few days and any residual swelling usually begins to subside in little more than a week.

Whilst a brow lift cannot halt the ageing process, most patients will benefit from a rejuvenated and line-free brow giving them a more youthful appearance. The positive effects of a brow lift can last for between five and ten years


If you’re considering a brow lift but need help and advice with the costs and the choice of cosmetic surgeon, talk to
Linda Briggs, the UK’s leading independent cosmetic and plastic surgery adviser first.

Linda Briggs has first-hand experience and a wealth of knowledge of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

The discovery that there is very little independent help, advice and information for patients seeking high-quality but cost-effective cosmetic surgery led Linda to travel across Europe and the world to seek out plastic and cosmetic surgeons, dentists, gynaecologists and general surgeons whom operate to the highest standards of competence, hygiene and patient care, whilst offering the most competitive rates for surgery to British patients.

Since 1999 Linda Briggs has been advising upon and arranging private plastic surgery and
cosmetic surgery abroad and in the UK for thousands of patients. Linda has made it her mission in life to ensure that the prospect of cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery is as stress-free, safe and cost-effective for patients as she possibly can. Armed with the information, advice and guidance that Linda Briggs will provide you can be confident that your brow lift procedure will be carried out by a qualified and experienced surgeon in only the most modern and hygienic hospital or clinic.

Whether seeking brow lifts, tummy tucks, boob jobs or any other kind of plastic or cosmetic surgery, Linda Briggs’ army of
satisfied patients will testify that before you make any decision about your cosmetic surgery, she’s the first person you should turn to for help.


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