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Skin like orange peel............

Repair your damaged skin and change your life.

Skin imperfections resulting from chicken pox or acne scars, blemishes, minor wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, sun damage or accident scars can severely damage self-confidence and even cause distress to a sufferer.  However, Dermabrasion, a cosmetic surgery procedure which effectively ‘resurfaces’ the skin by removing damaged upper layers can significantly improve the skin’s appearance as well as slightly tightening it to provide a more youthful look.  If you suffer from damaged skin and it’s affecting the quality of your life, Dermabrasion could vastly improve your situation.  Your first step towards restoring fresher, healthier and younger-looking skin is to obtain some free and impartial advice from Linda Briggs.

Linda Briggs has become a leading independent authority on all matters of cosmetic and plastic surgery and has spent many years extensively researching cosmetic surgeons both in the UK and overseas in order to be able to advise British patients of the best and most cost-effective places to obtain cosmetic surgery.

Because of the complicated and delicate nature of the Dermabrasion procedure, in which the surgeon effectively ‘sands’ away damaged layers of skin using an abrasive instrument it is vital to ensure that the surgeon undertaking the procedure is fully qualified, competent and experienced.  Linda Briggs’ exhaustive research and stringent quality criteria mean that she will only advise prospective
cosmetic surgery patients of those surgeons who offer the highest standards of surgery, hygiene and patient care.  Linda has done all of the work to remove risk and ensure that you can have complete confidence in the cosmetic or plastic surgeon that operates on you.

Many of Linda Briggs’ patients opt to have their cosmetic surgery abroad as this not only often works out less expensive than having the equivalent surgery in Britain, but also provides the opportunity to combine the hospital visit with a holiday during which to relax and recuperate following surgery.
  Linda has identified a cosmetic surgeon who is skilled and experienced in Dermabrasion based in Zagreb, Croatia – in fact, she was so impressed that she underwent Dermabrasion there herself.

In the last decade Linda Briggs has helped thousands of satisfied British cosmetic surgery patients to obtain their desired treatments, whether boob jobs, hair restoration, liposuction, cosmetic dentistry,
tummy tucks or anything else from the vast range of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures available worldwide.

...........or like a baby's bum

Scarred or blemished skin is a blight that you potentially no longer need to endure. If you’d like to see whether you’re a suitable candidate for Dermabrasion and perhaps undergo a cosmetic procedure that could change your life for the better, talk to Linda Briggs for some free, impartial and sound advice.  After all, having experienced Dermabrasion herself, you know that Linda will be nothing less than honest with you.


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