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Linda Briggs - Ear correction

Why Ear Reshaping can be Life-changing by Linda Briggs

It’s remarkable how great an effect something as simple as the shape, size or position of a person’s ears can have upon the way they are treated by other members of society and therefore their own self-confidence and happiness.  Ear reshaping surgery, technically referred to as Otoplasty, is a straightforward procedure suitable for both children and adults that can correct protruding or large ears, eliminating embarrassment and restoring the patient’s self-confidence.

Linda Briggs, the UK’s leading independent advisor on cosmetic and plastic surgery can help anybody seeking ear reshaping surgery to find a safe, reputable and cost-effective plastic surgeons, either in the UK or abroad.
 As someone who is herself aware of the life-changing possibilities of successful cosmetic surgery, Linda Briggs has made it her ambition since 1999 to seek out cosmetic surgeons who offer the highest standards of competence, professionalism, hygiene and patient care whilst also representing the best possible value for money.  Consequently Linda has been able to offer advice and recommend plastic and cosmetic surgeons to hundreds of satisfied patients seeking every kind of cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery procedure including boob jobs, tummy tucks, facelifts, liposuction and many others.

Whilst ear reshaping surgery is a relatively routine procedure taking only around two hours, Linda Briggs is happy to provide as much free advice and information as you require regarding the operation, any potential risks and the likely outcome.  She will also provide details of the cosmetic surgeons she has found that can perform ear reshaping surgery.

Linda’s criteria for selecting cosmetic and plastic surgeons are rigorous, so when you speak to Linda you have the reassurance that she will only entrust you to the care of the most qualified and professional surgeon.

For many patients ear reshaping surgery has transformed their lives, making them happier about their appearance, ending unpleasant and embarrassing remarks form others, boosting self-confidence and giving them freedom from trying to conceal their ears with hats or long hair.

Many of the cosmetic surgeons that Linda Briggs advises patients about are based overseas, allowing patients not only to obtain the highest standards of surgery but also to combine their appointment with a holiday during which to fully relax and recuperate from surgery.  If the idea of combining your ear reshaping surgery with a sunshine break appeals, Linda Briggs will help you to make all of the necessary arrangements regarding flights and hotels, giving you total peace of mind about your experience of cosmetic surgery abroad.

Linda Briggs - ear reshaping

Protruding or unsightly ears needn’t adversely affect your quality of life; ear reshaping surgery could be the best choice you ever made, but to be sure and to get all of the facts from someone who is experienced, unbiased and totally impartial, make sure you talk to Linda Briggs first


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