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Considering a Facelift?  Get Free Expert Advice.

One of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures available, facelifts have been performed for more than century.

Whether you opt for a full facelift or simply a brow lift, facelift surgery can restore an alert and youthful appearance by gently tightening skin and muscle that has gradually lost its elasticity as a natural consequence of ageing.  Today, there are a number of different techniques for achieving a full or partial facelift (technically known as a rhytidectomy), and a vast number of surgeons and clinics that will perform the procedure.

If you’re considering a facelift, choosing a reputable, qualified cosmetic surgeon with a demonstrable success rate should be your first priority. 
Linda Briggs can help to ensure you make the right choice.

Linda Briggs is the UK’s leading independent adviser on plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.  She provides free help and advice to prospective cosmetic surgery patients in the UK, and having undergone facelift surgery herself, possesses the experience and knowledge to be able to offer an expert opinion on the best choice of cosmetic surgeon to perform your facelift.

In 1999, when Linda Briggs opted for cosmetic surgery herself, she realised that information about the procedures available and the surgeons who performed them was scarce.  Since then Linda has spent more than a decade researching the very best cosmetic surgeons and clinics in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world to find those that offer the highest standards of cosmetic and plastic surgery at the most competitive prices.

As a result of her dedication, Linda Briggs has been able to advise and help thousands of satisfied UK patients to find qualified, professional cosmetic surgeons to perform not only facelifts, but every kind of cosmetic surgery imaginable including
nose jobs, boob jobs, liposuction
, tummy tucks and many more.

Having benefited from cosmetic surgery herself, Linda Briggs knows the importance of finding the best possible cosmetic surgeon to help you achieve the perfect facelift. Obtaining free advice from Linda removes the guesswork and risk from trying to sort out the good surgeons from the bad, giving you complete confidence that your operation is being performed by a skilled and qualified surgeon.

Many of the cosmetic surgeons that meet Linda’s stringent quality, hygiene and patient care criteria work overseas, giving UK patients the opportunity to combine
cosmetic surgery abroad with a relaxing holiday in some of the world’s finest destinations.  If the idea of combining your facelift with a great holiday during which to recover appeals to you, Linda Briggs will be happy to make the arrangements for you.


Linda Briggs - facelifts

A good facelift can restore your youthful looks and self-confidence for up to ten years, and is a tried and trusted cosmetic surgery procedure.  If you’re considering a facelift and want the easiest way of finding the best cosmetic surgeon at the right price, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Linda Briggs.


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