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Get the Facts on Fat Transfer Cosmetic Surgery

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UK patients that have considered breast augmentation or other cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate aspects of their appearance, but have been deterred by negative news stories regarding silicone breast implants or Botox, may be surprised to learn that fat transfer – also known as fat grafting – is a straightforward and more natural cosmetic surgery procedure that can achieve excellent results.

As the name suggests, fat transfer surgery involves removing fat cells from one area of the body, such as the abdomen or hips, and transferring them to an area that requires augmentation.  The fat removal process is similar to liposuction, and the cells obtained can be used to successfully enlarge breasts, augment lips, fill out facial lines, wrinkles and crows’ feet, resulting in a totally naturally-obtained youthful appearance.

Whilst fat transfer cosmetic surgery is a long-established and straightforward procedure (depending upon the body area being treated it can even be performed using local anaesthetic), like any surgical procedure there are risks and considerations to be aware of. This is where
Linda Briggs can provide an invaluable service.

Linda Briggs is the UK’s leading independent consultant on all aspects of cosmetic and plastic surgery.  Since 1999 she has provided free advice to thousands of UK patients, helping them to find the best cosmetic surgeons, both in the UK and overseas, to perform everything from boob jobs and
tummy tucks to face lifts and chin reduction.

Having undergone cosmetic surgery herself, Linda has the knowledge and experience to advise prospective patients, and has made it her mission in life to seek out the very best and most cost-effective plastic surgeons around the world to ensure that UK patients get the very best treatment at the most competitive price.  Many of the patients Linda advises opt for
cosmetic surgery abroad, allowing them to combine their procedure with a relaxing holiday during which to recover.

If the idea of a totally natural alternative to implants and chemical injections to restore a youthful appearance or improve your body contour appeals, talk to Linda Briggs about fat transfer or fat grafting options available to you.  Linda will give you the straight facts about the procedure and help you to find the very best and most qualified surgeon to undertake the fat transfer surgery for you, making your choice as straightforward and risk-free as possible and ensuring that you obtain value for money for your cosmetic surgery.

It’s no surprise that Linda Briggs has a wealth of
testimonials from the army of satisfied patients she’s helped to transform their lives with successful cosmetic and plastic surgery. To find out how you could join them and benefit from fat transfer surgery, get in touch with Linda Briggs now.


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