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Breast Reconstruction - free flap method


Patient after breast removal but before reconstruction

Patient after breast reconstruction

After breast removal (mastectomy) procedure

2 years after breast re-construction

These two cases of breast reconstruction have been carried out using the free tram flap method. The flap is taken from the tummy, so together with the re-construction, the patient gets a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) as well.

The flap of skin taken from the tummy tuck procedure, is used to create the breast after mastectomy.  The microvascular technique is used to make the reimplantation.  This is a very difficult technique for reconstruction, but
Prof John Yousif is one of the surgeons who is world famous for this technique

The surgery takes approximately 8 hours to complete


Before surgery on the left breast

3 years after surgery to re-construct the breast

After mastectomy but before re-construction

3 years after re-construction and tummy tuck



3 years after surgery showing the tightened tummy musscles and new breast

3 years after surgery, showing the tightened tummy and the natural looking new breast.


Click the brochure to read all about Laura's skills with areola restoration using micro pigmentaiton.


After breast reconstruction surgery, a new areoala needs to be made to complete the final detail and make the breast look as normal as possible.  Below is an example of the work of Diahann Berridge (from Cambridge, England) who carries out micro pigmentation (tattooing) onto skin.

Before mico-pigmentation work to re-create the areola

after areola created with micropigmentation


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