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Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic and Plastic surgery procedures




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Aptos Threads, Eurolift, Featherlift, Golden Threads, Russian Threads
Silhouette, Silklift


The web sites below give information on the techniques that use wires or threads, which are inserted into the skin and used to lift the skin without major surgery.

FDA technical information about Aptos Threads or Featherlift
FDA approved Contour Threads
Before and after photographs of Featherlift procedure.
Russian Threads
Silhouette Lift
Silk Lift

path of Golden Threads

The procedure for
Golden Threads is carried out by grafting threads into the facial skin in the form of thin grid, which sustains weakened muscles.  The skin becomes firm and springy and smooths out wrinkles. The face takes on a younger appearance.

The effect can last up to 10 years after treatment when the threads are absorbed.   Treatment is recommended to people over 30.
Some before and after pictures for Golden Threads

path for Golden Threads

 Human skin  consists of 90% water and is a great conductor for gold ions, moving beyond the implants.  Around the gold ions arises new blood vessels causing better supply of blood.  The threads stimulate collagen and elastin production which is a natural reaction to a foreign body being grafted in.   Gold also favours supplying skin with oxygene, removes tiredness and rebuilds cells.  Around every implanted thread arise a framework of new cells.  The blood supply in the strengthened area improves, and the skin becomes firmer and smoother.   Gold doesn’t cause allergic reaction, doesn’t oxidize and doesn’t cause rejection.

path of Golden Threads

are made of the highest quality gold 999.9, 10mm in diameter, ecologically clean, are easily adopted by the organism. Threads can be implanted into different parts of the body, mostly into the face, i.e. cheeks, chin, temples and neck, decolletage, breasts and even buttocks and shoulders.

path of Golden Threads

 The thread is inserted into the skin using a thin needle which enables insertion under the skin without damage to it.  Threads are invisible and imperceptible.  During the operation, which lasts about 30 minutes, local anaesthetic is used. After the operation some swelling may sustain for up to 2 days, and for up to 7 days the area where threads were implanted may be in bruise.

golden threads have a CE certificate of treatment’s efficacy, which is carried out by a certified doctor.  Material for treatment is manufactured by the Spain   pharmaceutical company, which has been engaged in threads implantation into the skin for 40 years.

allergy to anaesthetic (lignocaine, novocaine), bad blood coagulation, diabetes, pregnancy. Treatment doesn’t cause side effects.

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