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Skin care started back in prehistoric times when cave women and cave men did everything possible to survive the worst weather conditions whilst living in caves.  Their skin was tough and could fend off the suns rays and weather conditions. Even after all these conditions the caveman aware of certain skin care needs.

Skin care for the caveman or women was mostly associated with the relief of pain caused by severe weather conditions and exposure to the sun.  The kind of fatty food they were consuming was also one of the major causes of skin related disease.  The most astonishing fact is that even with fatty foods, there is no evidence they had acne related problems.  It may be the case that the growth of facial hair stopped the skin acne or covered it up. Hence the history of skin care is full of mysteries and unknowns.

Skin care must be considered different to make-up.  Make-up is meant to be applied to your face or skin to give you a better look, but skin care in this regard is protecting and controlling your skin from disease and infection.  Even if the prehistoric human had considered skin care as decidedly more medicinal, than cosmetic.  As in the prehistoric times, men had exposed the human body to weather, trauma and also today, we are facing problems due to the toxins and pollutants we have created for ourselves.

Although the human body has immense natural resistance and skin is considered very flexible having many layers.  You can develop a layer of hard skin and get a tan, but this process actually deteriorates your skin.  The skin is not very adaptive, so when it changes due to worse conditions it harms itself. This is the reason why the history of
skin care is prolonged.

The history of
skin care tells us that the development of skin care products is associated with the protection required during work performed by man.  For example farmers and fishermen have used skin care products frequently in their history.  It was vital for these two types of workers to maintain their skin against the hard conditions.  So the skin care products were invented to support the day to day work life.

It is easy to recognise that
skin care and the use of skin care products, potions and herbs is live throughout the history.  Skin care and it's maintenance, find a place in history.  Humans have always strived to look better and feel better, which has led them to invent skin care products.  The history of the skin care products we see on the shelves is as complex as our own history.

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