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Checklist for surgery -
for you to print


Is the surgeon qualified and have they been trained to be a surgeon?
Ask for a CV.


Do they have the correct registrations for their country?
See their CV and check in Linda's
research section


Is the surgeon qualified to do the procedure you want?
Ask how many they have done in the last year.  Ask to see before and after pictures.


Does the surgeon have the legal requirements for Professional Medical Indemnity Insurance for his country?


Will you have a consultation and follow ups with the surgeon who will carry out the procedure?


Do you have a medical condition that might affect you having surgery?
Complete this form and ask the surgeon


What type of clinic/hospital do they work in?


    General hospital with A&E and intensive care unit?

    Large clinic with resuscitation equipment?

    Day case clinic?

Who else will be involved in your surgery/care?  Ask who they are and if the surgeon has a trusted team he generally works with?  Overseas hospitals are more likely to give this information freely but this is not generally the case in the UK.


Does everyone speak your language?
Will your request be understood fully? This can also be a problem in the UK.


What are the laws that dictate the procedure in the country you are going to?


    For instance - France requires that you have a consultation with the anaesthetist 48 hours before surgery

    Belgium & Holland can only carry out cosmetic surgery on a day case basis.

Hospitals overseas do not have the same problems with hospital acquired infections like MRSA, on the scale as in the UK.  Ask about the hygiene standards.
Ask other patients who have already been.


How far will I have to travel for my surgery?  Basically the bigger the surgery, the less you will want to travel, remember you have to come back!.


How long will you stay in the country?  You need to stay in the hospital or the local area until all the dangers of surgery are passed and you will not need any further medical treatment in the UK.   See Linda's risks of surgery


    Consider - removal of drains up to 48 hours after surgery.

    Haematoma - bleeding after surgery.  What will you do if you are in a hotel?
    This also applies to day case surgery in the UK.

    Consider - dressing changes.

    Consider - stitch removal.

    Cosmetic surgery is self elected surgery and is privately funded.  You cannot expect the NHS to carry out these treatments if you return to the UK too soon. There are private doctors who will carry this out at your expense.  Linda will have details of this shortly.

Corrections are sometimes required because cosmetic surgery is not an exact science.  Take into account that if you need a small correction, you will have to go back to the same surgeon who will generally do it for free, but you would still have to pay for flights, hospital costs etc.  This is also the case in the UK.


Check if you will be given drugs to prevent DVTs while flying and antibiotics?


If your GP has previously referred you for surgery by the NHS but they will no longer do it, ask your GP if he will help if you go overseas due to cost.  Ask before you go and you might be surprised at the amount of support you can get.




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