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Linda Briggs Scrapbook : : Before Surgery


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Linda before surgery - right side

Linda before surgery - front

Linda before surgery - left

Taken just before trying facial exercises to see if they made any difference.  Age 43 looking 50 plus.

Linda and her sister Debbie

February 1999:
Linda age 45 with her sister Debbie, age 35, at Debbie's wedding.  Having spent a fortune on beauty treatments she was asked if she was Debbie's Mum!

at a family wedding

July 1999:
Making a big effort at another wedding.   Don't want a repeat of the last one !

before surgery 1

before surgery 2

before surgery 3

18th August 1999:
The last pictures of the old face showing all the lines, wrinkles and sun damage. How did I live with it for so long?

an hour after surgery

20th August 1999:
Well, it's all done now; just coming out of the anaesthetic.  No changing my mind now.  Had lower face and neck lift and upper and lower eye lids reduced, eye bags removed and two moles taken away. In other words, major renovation!

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